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Name Role(s) - photo Report
Miss Vera M Hinchy (MA, Dip ED) Headmistress … copperplate writing with Miss Hinchey - Catharine Horne ('44-'50)
Handed-over to 'The Beaus' in about '49.
Retired to run a bookshop at Blandford Forum in the '50s - Michael Pierce
Mr A M Hinchy   Taught boys (Preparatory School)
Sergeant Bannard   He joined the staff in about 1937 to teach boys cricket and boxing. - Michael Pierce
Mrs G Kendall (MRA, MBAT) Dancing '52 - Susan Johns

Mrs Kendall was the dancing teacher.  I remember tap and ballet classes.  I recall the teacher's son, Tony?, learning too.  We wore pale green dresses and pink shoes! - Catharine Horne (now Luck)
J Y Scott (NFF)    
M S Bevington (CSMMG) Gymnastics  
Mr Paul B R Beauvoisin Headmaster '52, "O.E.W.", '59, '61 Also see 'Anecdotes'
I was terrified of Mr. Beau and kept out of his way as much as possible.  I think this had to do with his seeing my reaction to his entering our class one afternoon with a slow worm in his hand which he then put down the back of my summer dress!  The use of the cane or slipper for any boys who crossed the line of right and wrong didn't help my fears of him either.  Girls did get their knuckles or hands wrapped with a ruler which was very painful. - Judy Doree ('54-'61)
Mrs Beauvoisin '52, '59, '61 Mrs. Beau always seemed very fair and a good teacher - no fears with her. - Judy Doree ('54-'61)

In Form IV (4) Mrs Beau was (mostly) our Form teacher - but on Friday afternoons a teacher came in and read to us...The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe...  and also Greek Myths.  I loved listening to her read.  I have a feeling she taught us geometry too!  I think her name was Mrs Floyd."- Lesley de Meza ('55-'61)
Patricia R Brown '52 lived in Old Church Lane, left in '52 for Aylward Junior School, Pangbourne Drive.  Died in late '90s. - Angela Payling
Peggy Dunn Dance teacher - Gillian McMullen
Miss/Mrs Featherstonehaugh "St Brendan's" photo on FR by Judy ...was very, very scary.  My only memory of her was that she did not let anyone leave the room during class so there were accidents especially from young boys.  I don't think she was there for many years - thankfully. - Judy Doree
Mrs Margaret, 'Madge', Irving '52, '59, '61 Mrs. Irving used to get me to "carry" any hairs she found on her clothing to the bin.  She loved history and used to give us tidbits of information not found in the history books to make the subject come alive. e.g. Queen Elizabeth 1st black teeth from eating too many sweets. - Judy Doree

Scottish dancing lessons from Mrs Irving (which have come in useful now I live in Scotland). - Jill Davis

I was at St. Brendan's School in the 1950s, and I have wonderful memories of Mrs. (Margaret) Irving, my Scottish 3rd form teacher.  She would read out loud to us from 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'.  She taught us Scottish Country Dancing and Highland Dancing, which we loved.  She was kind and fair and very precise.  I used to go to her house for maths tutoring on Saturdays. - Gillian McMullen
Mrs 'Mac' Nursery '52, '59, '61 Mrs. Mac was my first teacher - she always seemed very nice and a good introduction to the school. - Judy Doree

I was in the nursery class, and the next level up (kindergarten?) probably from 1953-4.  I remember feeling happy in Mrs Mac's class, except for a vivid memory of having to sit on a potty with other children watching!  The most dramatic day was when my father and I arrived at the school, only to find Mrs Mac hadn't arrived.  It turned out she had been in a minor car accident on the way to school.  So my father took over the class until someone (or Mrs Mac herself - I don't remember) arrived!  I had mixed feelings of embarrassment at my father teaching the class and pride that he was doing it!  He was very good with young children and had done a teacher training course after university, though he never ended up as a teacher. - Elizabeth Tayor
Miss/Mrs Andrews   - Chris Thrift
Mrs Gertrude Doctor née Walton Piano '52 lived in Elm Park Road, made wonderful fudge with condensed milk. - Susan Johns

Mrs. Doctor was the music teacher who made the best fudge.  She lived at 19 Elm Park and kindly gave me the recipe - it never tasted as good as when she made it.  She was the first person I knew who died.

I remember being part of the school contingent to attend her funeral at St Johns Church in Stanmore.  I gave up learning the piano - no one seemed to have as much patience as she had.

She started a group called the "growlers" for those who couldn't sing in tune.  She was very good and we quickly progressed from this group into the choir and even to singing solos. - Judy Doree
Monica x French "O.E.W."  
Mrs Kendrick   … I think she taught form 2.

I recall that Mrs Kendrick's class room had a very dirty fish tank in it.  Goodness knows where that memory sprung form.  She was very keen on literature.  We read Wind in the Willows (in Form 2) and acted it out with glove puppets. - Lesley de Meza
Mrs Nicholls   … the kindest lady that I can recall … had very neat white hair. - Lesley de Meza

I remember Mrs Nicholls very fondly in fact she was probably my favourite. - Judy Doree

Key to photographs:
"O.E.W." - "Our English Weather", 1949 - Susan Johns
'52 - summer 1952 - Colin Poyton
'59 - winter 1959/'60 - Chris Thrift
'61 - spring 1961 - Monica Kendall

Reference sources:
Susan Johns, Monica Kendall, Judy Doree, Chris Thrift and Michael Pierce.