'Fun' web-sites

Updated January '09

This page lists a few links to web-sites that I have enjoyed or found useful while preparing the 'Stanmore Schools' site (- but their URLs may not be current now):


Pure nostalgia

Harnessing the power of the internet to locate somebody

The Friends Reunited web-site's 'Name Search' facility is an excellent place to start a search for somebody.  This facility is more reliable for tracing someone than just looking under the pupil-lists for the schools that your subject attended (if known), as not all members who have registered on FR attribute themselves to all their academic institutions.  I assume that, if someone does not provide a few words about themself for their profile, they probably do not want to be contacted and will not respond to any 'overture'.

If you do decide to mail anyone through FR, remember to include your contact details in the text of your mail - as FR removes your e-address (from the 'From' field) when forwarding your mail.  Of the forty-or-so people that I tried to contact through FR, about fifteen didn't respond (eventually) - I am still having fun with the rest of them!

If your membership status does not permit you to contact someone through 'FR', you may still get enough information from their profile to allow Webcrawler (a meta-search engine) or Google to provide you with a close location or, if you're really lucky, an e-mail address.

For locating someone in the UK, 192.com is possibly the most useful site (unless you don't know your subject's current surname or approximate location).  If you search and get a possible 'hit', but you aren't inclined to subscribe to the full service to discover any missing detail, you can alternatively keep trying repeated guesses to build-up the missing bits, say the numerals for the postcode, or a house number - assuming you have the patience.  When your selection is correct, '192' will confirm it.  If '192' flags your subject as having held a UK company directorship, you can use: www.bizhelp24.com and http://www.snoop4directors.co.uk/ to get their postcode for free.

Once you know a UK postcode, you can use: http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/addressfinder/ to get an approximate address - but you will need to register (free of charge) which allows you about 10 free searches per day.

If your subject is now based in the US, you are in a fortunate position because there is a good chance that peoplefinders.com will have catalogued them and can give you some useful leads.  You can also try: zoominfo.com (even if your subject has only had dealings with an American or Canadian company).

Tell me how you get on with your quest (or of any sites about Stanmore that you particularly enjoy).

Col, 28/7/07