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[IMG]Gym - girls changing room.jpg2015-12-18 10:41 161k
[IMG]'62 entry Sheila Plumley, Jennifer Stone, Yvonne Annibal, Ellen Cross and Su...2015-12-18 10:41 744k
[IMG]Gym block entrances.jpg2015-12-18 10:42 191k
[IMG]Gym.jpg2015-12-18 10:42 133k
[IMG]gym block from playground.jpg2015-12-18 10:42 149k
[IMG]Downer 6th form block.jpg2015-12-18 10:48 85k
[IMG]music room and playground.jpg2015-12-18 10:48 161k
[IMG]sports field.jpg2015-12-18 10:49 234k
[IMG]view back to tennis.jpg2015-12-18 10:49 196k
[IMG]view back to main block.jpg2015-12-18 10:49 212k
[IMG]school hall.jpg2015-12-18 10:51 136k
FileP5180059.JPG2021-04-03 16:14 307k
[IMG]DSC04209.jpg2021-04-05 15:39 491k
[IMG]DSC04208.jpg2021-04-05 15:39 570k
[IMG]DSC04211.jpg2021-04-05 15:40 618k
[IMG]DSC04213 Main Hall Kendall, Ibbotson, Caldwell [& carer].jpg2021-04-05 15:40 514k
[IMG]DSC04212.jpg2021-04-05 15:40 522k
[IMG]DSC04216 Anne Thurtle nee Kendall & 'Polly' Pauline Ibottson mingle .jpg2021-04-05 15:40 252k
[IMG]'63 entry DSC04218.jpg2021-04-05 15:41 82k
[IMG]'63 entry gals behaving badly DSC04219.jpg2021-04-05 15:41 239k
[IMG]DSC04210.jpg2021-04-05 15:42 559k
[IMG]'63 entry gals behaving better DSC04221.jpg2021-04-05 16:39 244k
[IMG]'60 entry Mary Pawley (now K) Mick K, Ron Busby. Robin K, Rodger Bennet DSC04...2021-04-05 16:40 223k
[IMG]Ron Busby & Lesley Morgan (now P) ('60 entry) DSC04228.jpg2021-04-05 16:40 728k
[IMG]Ah, cute - that's interesting, the wife's got some of those... DSC04273.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 25k
[IMG]DSC04274-.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 37k
[IMG]Ron gets all the details from Sylvia Weg (1950 entry Blackwell!) in the wheel...2022-11-03 13:23 220k
[IMG]'59 entry Janet T and Dave B, Head Girl & Boy 1965-6 DSC04263-.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 65k
[IMG]Of what... I really should have chatted to this gaggle DSC04271-.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 117k
[IMG]Of what was I thinking... Carol was the only one I know DSC04268-.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 117k
[IMG]'67 entry Carol Coleman's gang DSC04272.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 139k
[IMG]DSC04266-.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 124k
[IMG]'54 entry duo DSC04259.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 120k
[IMG]DSC04260-.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 188k
[IMG]DSC04261-.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 354k
[IMG]'59 entry YB RP JJ with Gerry Copp (The 'Don') DSC04256.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 292k
[IMG]Time to grab a bevy and a bite - the school did us proud DSC04257.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 671k
[IMG]DSC04258.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 695k
[IMG]Clara stands defiant DSC04253.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 63k
[IMG]DSC04251.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 42k
[IMG]Clara and Ron B ('60 entry) DSC04252.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 64k
[IMG]DSC04256li.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 423k
[IMG]John Clayton & associates DSC04247.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 97k
[IMG]Gerry Copp DSC04249.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 57k
[IMG]'60 entry Mary P, x, Heather W DSC04241.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 99k
[IMG]'60 entry whatever's tickled Jill Hallett? Rodger observes DSC04244.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 48k
[IMG]'62 entry Diane and chums DSC04238.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 201k
[IMG]'62 entry x and Bob Beasley DSC04239.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 232k
[IMG]Gerry and Sheila J DSC04240.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 98k
[IMG]pre '58-ers corral Clara DSC04245.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 940k
[IMG]'61 entry Diane 'n' pals - dafter than ever DSC04237.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 351k
[IMG]'60 entry DSC04236.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 69k
[IMG]Someone had brought along this photo from a staff reunion - from the 70s? DSC...2022-11-03 13:23 119k
[IMG]'62 entry Sheila J DSC04232.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 358k
[IMG]Janet Gear sporting 'the scarf' DSC04234.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 227k
[IMG]'60 entry Mrs K - a study DSC04231.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 190k
[IMG]'60 entry DSC04230.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 223k
[IMG]'60 entry Martin Smith Heather Schroeder nee Wilkinson DSC04229.jpg2022-11-03 13:23 202k
[IMG]Walter Weg & Polly.jpg2022-11-03 13:58 67k
[IMG]'59 entry Jill R, Chris Rew, Barry Rothwell, Ronald Pole, Malcolm B DSC04279.jpg2022-11-03 14:02 82k
[IMG]DSC00964web.jpg2022-11-03 14:05 557k
[IMG]'63-ers Jean Walker, Janet Coh, Marilyn Burden, Terry Diggens, Sue Cochran, S...2022-11-03 14:10 510k
[IMG]P1010368 Sharyn.jpeg2022-11-03 14:10 78k
[IMG]P1010367 Cynthia, Clara.jpeg2022-11-03 14:10 95k
[IMG]P1010369 Carol and Pauline.jpeg2022-11-03 14:10 95k
[IMG]'63 entry P1020155_2web.jpg2022-11-03 14:10 556k
[IMG]P1010366 Lennie, Maurice.jpeg2022-11-03 14:10 90k
[IMG]P1010364 Clara-Cynthia.jpeg2022-11-03 14:10 73k
[IMG]P1010365 Tony, Nigel, Mark,Terry at The Rest.jpeg2022-11-03 14:10 94k
[IMG]P1010363 staff.jpg2022-11-03 14:10 62k
[IMG]'63-er contingent in the hall.jpg2022-11-05 11:44 101k
[IMG]1969 gals outside - possibly from Janet Sutton.jpg2022-11-05 11:44 189k
[IMG]Alan & Lesley (c. 1966 entry).jpg2022-11-05 11:44 90k
[IMG]1969 gals on field.jpg2022-11-05 11:44 108k
File'67 entry Steve and Carol C 1010001.JPG2022-11-05 11:44 322k
[IMG]Col and Heather Wilkinson (now S) (Head Girl in '66-7).jpg2022-11-05 11:44 277k
[IMG]Col-Jill Johnson-Gerry Copp.jpg2022-11-05 11:44 197k
[IMG]Downer resurrected.jpg2022-11-05 11:45 154k
[IMG]'59 entry Yvonne Behar, Jill Johnson, Miriam Cheeseman née Wienemann from Ro...2022-11-05 11:59 907k
[IMG]Yvonne leading the way.jpg2022-11-05 11:59 196k
[IMG]Clara & Lynn Rowlands (Head teacher) from MMiller.jpg2022-11-05 12:06 31k
File'62 entries gals - from Ronald Pole.JPG2022-11-05 12:19 1062k
[IMG]Robin Kiel and-Lynn R (Headteacher).jpg2022-11-05 12:29 372k
[IMG]Ronald Pole & Jill Robertson '59 entry with Gerry Copp DSC04255.jpg2022-11-05 13:44 462k
[IMG]Malcom Bradshaw, Chris, Jill J, Barry R, xx.jpg2022-11-05 14:41 284k
File'59-ers Jill Robertson (now J), Barry Rothwell, Bill Bailey.JPG2022-11-05 14:42 3524k
[IMG]'59-ers Jill Robertson now Johnson, Barry Rothwell, Bill Bailey ).jpg2022-11-05 14:42 123k
[IMG]touring old haunts.jpg2022-11-05 14:56 187k
[IMG]'62-ers Sue & Sheila.jpg2022-11-05 14:56 83k
[IMG]'56-'59 entry classroom.jpg2022-11-06 11:25 183k
[IMG]Clara & Lynn Rowlands outside - Head shot 4.jpg2022-11-06 13:37 57k
[IMG];63-ers P1020156.jpg2022-11-10 13:50 510k
[IMG]Brenda Martin, GH, Marilyn Burden, Terry Diggens, Phil Davidson, Sue Cochran,...2022-11-10 13:50 556k
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