Downer Crest


Welcome to this collection of memorabilia from Downer Grammar School, Edgware, UK.

For past pupils, this site offers a ‘nostalgic refuge’ from the tribulations confronting us as we contemplate our impending dotage.

The First Long Photo - 1950-’51

Ex pat. Jason Davis mails: "The photograph was given to me by a woman named Erica Sharratt who was also a founder student at Downer/Blackwell and lived close to me in Minnesota".  Jason has kindly captured it on his iPhone.

Anne Taylor’s ‘Educational’ Vacations

Anne (joined in ’61) shares recollections from her trip to Scheveningen and black & white images from her visit to Italy in 1965.

1969 Long Photo - Corrections

Patricia née Lynch (1967-73) has mailed a few corrections to the names diagram and suggested a few new names.  (Added October 2019.)


This site is not password-protected - so, if your name appears anywhere on this site, it's probable that it could be found by an internet search engine and catalogued.  If you regard this as a damnable outrage, please ‘Contact me’.

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