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Lists of names for the ‘Long’ Photos

A list of names of the subjects in the April 1962 Lower School long photo (as of February ’07). Greg Heath (’59-’65) 15KB
A list of names of the subjects in the April 1962 Upper School long photo - version 8 (as of January 2009). Jeff Lewis (’55-’61) 17KB
A table of names of the subjects in the 1969 Upper School photograph (as of 2003). Lennie Bradshaw (’64-’71) 166KB
Explanations of how the 'names lists’ were compiled. Jeff Lewis and Lennie Bradshaw 3KB


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Compotus magazines. various c. 4MB each
A list of school productions ’54 - ’74. Roger Winstanley 8KB
Programmes - including cast lists and credits - of late ’50s productions of The Pirates of Penzance, Lady Precious Stream, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Mikado. Paul Kennett 636KB
Cast lists from ’60s and ’70s productions. various 12KB
Ticket for A Midsummer Night’s Dream - 1959. Marie L Taylor 65KB
Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Jeff Lewis, Andrew Forester  
Building Plans
"Several weeks after starting in September 1955, while spending some time in the school library, I noticed a copy of ‘The Architect and Building News’ on one of the shelves.  When I glanced at it and saw that the school was included among the featured buildings, it became clear why it was there.  I thought that the plans of the various blocks showing the interior in considerable detail, together with the photographs, were rather interesting and I was easily able to obtain a back copy.  After several months it finished up in a cardboard carton with other school mementos where, until about 3 or 4 years ago, it remained.  Fortunately, thanks to the internet, it is now available for anyone else to see." - P.K., Jan 2006

Paul Kennett (1955 - 1960)

p241-245 1.2MB
p246-249 1.04MB
1954/5 - A report, with photographs, from The Harrow Observer of the official school opening ceremony.  The cuttings, made by Paul's father, have been stored in a scrapbook. Paul Kennett 851KB
The streaming system. John Brown ('54-'59) 2KB
1963 School library ticket. Archive 13KB
1966 "Guess who’s coming to dinner?" - This Upper 6th ‘dinner list’, written by Miss M L Jones, was snatched from the notice-board, mid-flight from the class’s last ever, normal school-day. Archive 68KB
Andrew Forester - RIP. Robin Bather 5KB
Andrew’s reflections Andrew Forester 100KB
Alan Lawrence - RIP. Tony Ammon 2KB
NF Wilson - after Downer. Tony Seaton 5KB
A 2012 newspaper item about, ex-pupil and actress, Tessa Peake-Jones. 'Femail' 4.3KB
Jerry Batson, who entered Downer in about 1971, mails his appreciation of the staff and environment at the school.