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Girls’ School Staff from the mid-'40s

Staff from Jean Gooch’s photograph album from the mid ‘40s.  Photographer and copyright - unknown.
(So, who do we think? Front row: … Pyke… Grimley… ; back row: Gerrish… Gooch… .  Any other suggestions? - C.P.)
via Geraldine Charles  
1944 - Girls netball team.  Photographer and copyright - unknown.

Remembering our Wartime Forces

In February 1946, a cherry tree was planted (to the left of the Thistlecroft entrance - only the stump remained in 2019) commemorating those that had fought in World War II.
Three girls, that had each lost their father during hostilities, were chosen as signatories to the record of the planting.
The Plantingfrom Jean Gooch’s album (via Geraldine Charles).  Photographer - and copyright - unknown.
"I still have the record of the tree planting.  It has followed me for some 73 years, through numerous moves, firstly from UK to NZ, followed by countless towns here (NZ).  I hope it’s of interest to former Chandos pupils." Jean - on the right in the photograph.  "I have no memory of gates at that entrance.  Suggest they were not erected until after the war.  Remember - all iron from fences etc. was collected for munitions etc.. "
Jean Archer née Stone 125KB
An album of Chandos Girls’ activities from the late ‘40s. Sheila Bush  

Marjorie Hockett's 1949 Team Photos

1st School Netball:  Brenda McGrath (captain ?), Frances Lawton, Marjorie Hockett, Joan Carter, Beryl Stroud, Iris Hayes, Muriel Archer.
1st School Rounders:  Brenda McGrath (captain ?), Pamela Cook, Alice Ambridge, Marjorie Hockett, Jean Carter, Dorothy Wilkie, Iris Hayes, Frances Laughton, Marion Morgan.
Canons House officials:  Marjorie Hockett, Shirley Locket, Frances Laughton, and Miss Hyde.
Marjorie Hockett 

Long Photo - Boys, November 1949

The photo is about 92cm x 20cm (yes, 92cm!).  It has always hung in the houses that I have lived in.  All-in-all I enjoyed my time at Chandos.  I remember when this photograph was taken we were in the playground for a very long time because of problems they had getting things under way and having test runs - not helped by a boy who tried to be at each end of the photo by trying to run along the back of the group.  Spotted, he ended up:
  • not being in the photo at all
  • getting caned on stage at the following morning's assembly by Mr Besant no less.

That type of camera with it’s clock table was a constant headache to the user (and of course modern scanning methods will certainly pick-up the tiniest of imperfections).  Not only was the ‘clock-work’ mechanism a problem, some of them had the early, wide-angle lens - not as we know them today, but wide nevertheless.  There was in fact talk of doing another photo but my dad was told by one of the teachers he somehow knew, that the idea was dropped because of the hassle they had getting the first one underway - and that I can believe.

Staff: Ward, Head, ?, Thursting, Cornell, Hatchard, Crawley, Berline, Rees, Jones, Wood, Mrs Markham, Besant, Mrs Smith, Roberts, Barker, Clough, Fennell, Franklin, Marshall, Crombie, Mortimer, Goodman, ?, ?, Maine, Biggar, Grigg. - Mike Dickson

I have a funny feeling that Reddicliffe was - faffing about - assisting the photographer, consequently not in the picture.  I think photography was one of his pastimes as he took pictures of the school football team when we won the Brady Cup. - Alan Hill

I’ve downloaded the photo and recognise a couple of the lads - a kid named ‘Crisp’? and another named Alan King - (his mum had a fridge - very posh) with whom I cycled down to my relatives living in Hastings - must have been mad. - Peter Brittain

I’m in the right hand side on the top back row and my brother is sitting on the floor at the bottom left hand side, then I see all my old school chums dotted throughout the photo, Brian Rose (now living in New Zealand), Ronny Ashcroft, Paddy Ryan, Roy Watkins, Johnny Everett, Stanley Slaughter, Alex Cocker (whom I still see regularly) and many more… … what a sight after all these years!! - Tom Davey

The bottom row, 23rd in from the left: Ted Chinner. - Mike Chinner

Except for a few small areas, the quality of the scanned image is good - so a reasonable ‘head and shoulder’ crop of some individuals is feasible - ‘Contact me’.
Mike ‘Down-under’ Dickson, now [2010] in Wellington, N.Z. (with wife, Margaret) 3.7MB
1948-49 Footballing Memorabelia Alan Hill  
c. 1949/50 Boys' class in the park c.‘50 (including Michael Blackmore - Chandos ‘49-‘53).  Ken doesn't know who the staff member was. Ken Blackmore (1957-62) (St Paul's Avenue)

Harrow Library’s Chandos Album - ‘When?… Who?’

Harrow Civic centre Library has a Chandos Girls’ Album in its vaults - but no knowledge of its history.  Can you suggest a date or names of those featured in these four, un-captioned photos?

    A group of adults on the school stage at an evening event.  Irene Grimley suspects that it’s the Headmistress sat in the centre peering at us through her spectacles (Selby?) - the others are probably Governors (suggested by Irene Grimley)… and a bouquet of flowers resting on a pair of nattily shod feet.  A Speech Day perhaps?  When and who?…  Maybe the atire suggests a date?
    The polish on the surface of the stage has recorded every foot-fall - but, in the 21st Century, that finish is only an enviable memory. 

    Meticulously posed groups of 5th form prefects:
    A water-colour art class comprising four young ladies.
    Six pupils at an embroidery class (could the girl with the pair of badges be Head Girl?).
    5th form millinery class.  The ‘60s concluded the fashion for the younger lady to have 'permed’ hair worn under a hat.  In this ‘staged’ photo, a ‘girdle’ or sash - about which Geraldine Charles writes (under ‘Miscellany’) - is visible around the waist of the right-hand girl.  One assumes the contraption being wound is some sort of heated shaper - rather than a bench-mounted instrument of torture.

One of the class photos (I can’t remember which one) has a date of 1962 handwritten on its rear. - CP
Harrow Civic-Centre Library
(Ms Hazel Ogilvie)
c. 600KB


Boys’ School Teachers, annotated, high resolution.

Allan Cox (1954-1959)



First Year Football Team
"I was the captain of the school football team.  Arthur Franklin is on the top left of the photo next to Mr Whiting."
This photo was actually on the school corridor with other sporting photos.
Leslie Cavendish (Chandos Boys 1958-1963) 155KB


Boys’ School - The First 6th Form ensconced in a lounge.  Who were they?  Fred, top right, can’t remember their names.
Fred White (1952-58) 112KB

1968 - Girls’ Class

Photo and Names List

Pamela Larner

740KB and 35KB

1971 - Girls

5th Formers - complete with legs, outside the prefabricated, mural-clad huts.  The girl in the blue, summer uniform is Hilary apparently… the one who, until recently, lived in Newbury… and is now a rather fetching blonde… what have you drawn on your right forearm Hilary?  Alison was tall then as now… and Sharon was diminutive - as now…  Photo from tall Lynn who departed for NZ the previous year.

Lynn Buckland

The Metalwork Shop - in the deepest recesses of the New Block's dungeon… Wilcox (rear left) presides.
A clip saved from an education dept. magazine that Del read about 40 years ago (so, c. 1970).
Del Jones 58KB (with interpolation)

School Trips

March 1965, Educational Cruise to the Mediterranean on B & I Steam Navigation Company's 12,615 ton converted troop-carrier, M.S. Dunera.  The Harrow Schools' contingent included about 30 boys from Chandos.  The itinerary was: Gatwick, Genoa, Syracuse, Izmir, Piraeus, through the Corinth Canal to Corfu, Venice, Gatwick.  Excursions by foot were somewhat unconventional in that boys were required to form a cordon around clumps of girls (from other schools) to protect them from excited local youths - or perhaps it was to protect the locals!    
A montage of cruise pupils’ passport photos. Al Barclay 370KB
On our first morning aboard, after having departed from Genoa, Italy, we wake-up to a cloud-wreathed Stromboli - for most of us, our first real-life encounter with a volcano. Colin Poyton 200KB
At our first port-of-call, Syracuse, Sicily, this Rope maker’s Grotto was on the itinerary.  The red-head?  Les Bristow. C.P. 232KB
During our second stop, Izmir, Turkey, we explored these famous ruins at Ephasus. C.P. 204KB
Next stop Piraeus, Greece - observing Athens from a parapet 'Up the Acropolis’ C.P. 194KB
Summer 1966 - Boys' School - Coach holiday to Switzerland
Messrs Webb and Jones saying their farewells to the staff of the Hotel Rossli at Alpnachstad near Lucerne, Switzerland.
Ah haa - the essential gentleman's suit.

The trip to Lucerne with Mr Webb was a blast.  Being a little more adventurous than most, I encouraged a few guys to investigate the local night-life.  Well, needless to say we had a really good time and consumed a little too much cheap wine and got back late.  He just smiled when we got turned-in by the hotel staff, and said that our hangover would be our punishment. - Steve Field ('68)

John Clayton  


Tour Day - 1st November 2010.
The school site was opened-up for past pupils to re-visit.  An album of the day's activities.
The ‘Roberts’ twins (started at Chandos in 1959 and lived in Westbere Drive) turn 60 - in style.
In February 2008 Marilyn (née Roberts) flew to the UK to join her sister, Glenys, and other family members to celebrate their 60th birthday together.  A few of their old pals from Chandos were amongst the hundred-or-so guests also celebrating the occasion at the Broadfields Country ClubGlenys and chum.
In 2010 Marilyn unfortunately suffered a devastating stroke.
C.P. 180KB
Thistlecroft Tower January 2005. C.P. 158KB
Burnell Gardens Entrance January 2005 - Aficionados will appreciate the retention of the classic Crittall 'Hopper' windows (visible on the first floor). C.P. 110KB
Park Block Jan 2005. C.P. 112KB
The ‘54 Club Photo Album. P. Poyton c. 400KB each
The Ladies Group
1995 - Founding Members visit the seaside.
Photo from the May 2011 re-union at Luton.  Ladies celebrate ((directory of 'images') their 40-year reunion in style.  Chums and Colin
July 2005 reunion picnic by the Chess at Sarratt.  From the left - John Hinton, Margaret Hinton, Gill Bailey, Steve Barker, Carol Bosworth, Liz Barker and Colin Poyton.  All, except Margaret and Liz, attended Chandos (in the early ‘60s). P. Poyton 392KB