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Welcome to this collection of pupil-submitted memorabilia from Blackwell County Secondary School, Hatch End, UK.

A number of past-pupils have contributed their memories of over half-a-century ago - allowing us to wallow in some teenage nostalgia.

Rows of Smiling Faces

A number of high quality, black & white form photos, possibly from mid-’50s photo shoots, have been submitted by Simon Andrews (at Blackwell between 1970 & ’75).  Unfortunately, none are captioned.

A folder has been created, initially containing a couple of dozen of the images (low-resolution - as that's more convenient for me to store and access).  Take a peek and, if you're able to suggest a caption - or date - for any, e-mail me and I'll upload Simon’s full resolution image annotated with your text.

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David Bennett Reflects

A draft article about David’s time (’55-’61) at Blackwell.


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