This site, a repository of historical family information, comprises a suite of inter-related family trees: 'Billington’, 'Diggins’, ('Hart’,) 'Hill’, ('Jenkinson’,) 'Okill’ and 'Poyton’; also family photographs and personal anecdotes by 'Poyton’ family members.

Recent Updates
Poyton family tree.  August 2018: about five, 21st century births - and about 15, 20th and 21st century death dates have been added to the tree chart (pdf) - and a few existing name-boxes repositioned.

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Surnames that feature in branches of the following family trees (emboldened) are: a sample only…

Abrey, Briggs, Chamberlaine, Connor, Gillet, Golding (>2 occurrences), Kahn, Leyland, Merrick, Oliver, Parke, Phipps, Poyton, Powell, Saunders (>2 occurrences), Swarbrick, Thompson, Vaughen, Wicks, Williams … etc.

Bottomley, Broad, Cattermole (>2 occurrences), Farrugia, Gibbs, Glaser, Goldfinch, Gordon (>2 occurrences), Gostt (>2 occurrences), Hall, Harmon, Holt, Huff, Huston, King, Leece (>2 occurrences), Leonsky, Lockhart, Maloney, Mountain, Nuis, Parkos, Pickett, Poyton, Redcliffe, Smythes, Snape, Wackett, Wagstaffe, Warbey, Wheeler, Williams … etc.

[Hart (from Bideford, North Devon)
Benson (>2 occurrences), Bowden (>2 occurrences), Clarke (>2 occurrences), Colman, Colwill, Cooke, Dyment, Friendship, Garnsey, Greenslade (>2 occurrences), Hoare, Hookway, Hopkins, Jeffrey, Jenkinson, Manning, Mitchell, Moore, Osborne, Rutgers, Sanquin, Seatherton, Squance, Williams (>2 occurrences), White … etc.]

Barton, Coventry, Davis, Felgate, Fenwick-Downes, Goupil, Hayes, La Mela, Martin, Nathan, Nunn, O'Kill/Okill/Oakhill (>2 occurrences), Pickens, Pounall, Poyton, Thompson, Threlfall, Wilden-Webb … etc.

Aingier, Bellchambers, Hodsdon, Sanders, … etc.

Barton, Boorman, Coventry, Downes, Fenwick, Hill, Humm, Mates, Mockett, Nathan, Pattenden, Pickens, Pounall, Poyton, Webb, Wilden, Wheedon.

In the 1700s and 1800s, the Poyton (Huguenot) family was based in Bethnal Green, London, UK.
Abell, Adams, Ayres, Barquet, Bell, Benson, Billington (>2 occurrences), Boreham (>2 occurrences), Bouard, Bradford, Bridges, Brown, Bryers, Burgess, Button, Cane, Collier, Connew, Cooper, Corner, Cushway (Couchois), Davis, Daviss, Dickinson, Diggins, (Durell?,) Enderby, Fage, Featherstone, Felgate, Fernandez, Follett, Fry, Gibbard, Godeme, Hall (>2 occurences), Hare, Hayes (Hayres), Hazeldine, Hemstead, Higgins, Hill, Holland, Hooper, Hovey, Hughes, Hunt (>2 occurrences), Jenkinson, Kent, Knock (>2 occurrences), Krite, Lake, La Mela, Livings, Maskell, Martin, Mears (>2 occurrences), Mizon, Monksfield, Murrell, Nials, Noquet (>2 occurrences), Phipps (>2 occurrences), Plumpton, Pope, Powell, Preston, Priou, Pruden, Robert/Robarts, Rogers, Rolt/Roult, Rondeau (>2 occurrences), Rose, Schmahl, Scotcher, (Seagroatt,) Searle, Servet (>2 occurrences), Silk, Slater, Slyatt, Soul, Sproul, Swarbrick, Underwood (>2 occurrences), Tootill, Tutt, Uridge, Walker, Whisker … etc.

Research on these trees has been conducted on the 'Diggins’, 'Hill’, 'Okill' and 'Poyton’ families (during the 2010s) by 'Katie’ née Catherine Hill; on the 'Hart’ and 'Jenkinson’ lineage by Rita Benson née Jenkinson (1960s-80s); on the 'Diggins’ family by Jeanette Diggins née Jantje Nuis; on the 'Billington’, 'Diggins’ and 'Poyton’ families by Herbert Poyton (1930s); on the 'Poyton’ family by Patricia & Colin Poyton (2011) and Lara Poyton (2013), and on the 'Bell’ family by Margaret Frall.  Research on the 'Servet’ lineage (conducted at the University of London) was commissioned by Rodger Mason/Lesden, Gosford, Australia; extensive details of the 'Mears’ family were provided by Silvia Wilmot; the 'Rondeau’ lineage was provided by Pam Rondeau (married to Paul Smith).

Family Bible
Perusing BMD entries in the Poyton Family Bible

Information in the 'Poyton’ tree originates from:

  • personal recollection (documented during the 19th and mid-20th centuries),
  • historical Huguenot documents ('Quarto series, Volumes 52 and 53’, 'Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London’ and the Register Series of the 'Harleian Society’ - BMD Vol 11)
  • on-line records available from 'Birth, Marriage, Death’ (BMD) & genealogy web-sites (eg. '’)
  • on-line census data (eg. '’).


'KT' and Colin conducting Poyton/Servet research in The Huguenot Reading Room at The National Archives, Kew - October 2013


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Colin P, May 2014

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