Sample Country Dance Programmes

Last updated:  May 2024


Eclectic, circa 1½ hr per session (if accompanyment lasts c. 8min).
Each session starts sedately and ends raucously/energetically.


Minimal contact eg. no partner-progression; for ‘stars’ use wrist-grip (at chest height).

Kids’ Programme:  Cumberland Reel, Pat-a-Cake Polka, Farmers Jig, Muffin Man, Bridge of Athlone, Virginia Reel, OXO Reel, Clopton Bridge.

Cumberland Reel

Form:  4, 5, or 6 couple longways set (facing partners).
Music:  32-bar reel or jig.

A1:   Top two couples right hand star, left hand star back.

A2:   1st couple galop down the centre and back to the top; lead a single cast (boys to the left, girls to the right).

B1:   1st couple make an arch at the bottom, the rest promenade up through the arch to progressed places.

B2:   New top couple lead a promenade round to the left (double cast) and back to place, all follow.
Repeat for the remaining couples.
Source:  EFDSS Community Dances Manual.

Farmer’s Jig

Form:  4-couple longways set (facing partners).
Music:  32-bar jig. 34s: Oxford Nags (EFDSS) - Perfect Cure, Rig-a-Jig; 33s: Hetty Peglars Tump - Ball Pendean Dance/ … .

A1:   All four couples face up, hold inside hands and advance 7 steps up the set, turn (towards partner), facing back, return to place…  and give two hands to partner.

A2:   Couples galop up the set, then galop back to place.

B1:   In groups of four, right-hand star; back with the left.

B2:   First couple lead a single cast, boys to the left, girls to the right.  First couple make a two-handed arch at the bottom, others, holding inside hands, pass under the arch and up the centre.
N.B.  All couples remain facing up, ready to restart the dance.
Source:  Everybody Dance (EFDSS 1972).

Muffin Man

Form:  Circle (girls on boys’ right).
Music:  32-bar polka.  37s: The Old Swan Band - …/Seamo’s Polka;  35s: Cheviot Ranters - Call of the Pipes.

A1:   All to the centre and back twice.

A2:   Face partner, take both hands for four galop steps into the centre and back, repeat.

B1:   Promenade partners.

B2:   Swing partners.  (For a ‘mixer’:  men finish on the right.)
Repeat - as desired.
Source:  Everybody Dance (EFDSS 1972).