Suitable Accompaniment

Last updated: May, 2023

Using recorded music to accompany a country dance function is decidedly not ideal.  Individual dances typically last at least five minutes - but suitable recordings usually last less than that - so several may need to be combined - which is awkward to achieve seamlessly.  Also, without suitable playback facilities, their tempos may not be varied easily - say, to accommodate the ability of the dancers.  However, if live music is not practicable:

Tempos (expressed as the duration, in seconds, for a revolution [‘once through’] - ordered slowest first.)

Tune titles are shown in italicised text.  (‘Welcome to the Dance’, WttD [2000-ish], and ‘Community Dances’ [2019] are compilation Compact Disc sets by the English Folk Dance and Song Society, EFDSS.)
Tracks which particularly appeal are prefixed by an asterisk.


32-bar:  40s: Hawktail - *Last One on the Line, John Kelly - High Road to Linton/Mrs Macleod of Rasaay, Angelina Carberry - Dwyer’s, Natalie MacMaster - Barndance, Willie Kelly, Mike Rafferty & Donal Clancy - *Dash to Portobello, Junor Davy and Friends - A View Across the Valley/The Curlew, Adam Agee & Jon Sousa - John Brennan’s/Man … : 39s; Floating Crowbar - The Torn Jacket/The Virginia;
38s: Celtic Fiddle Festival - *Loch Leven Castle/ … /Goat Island … / … set, Danú - *Cameron Highlander, Angelina Carberry - Pluckin’ Mad, Arty McGlynn - Miss Monaghan/Flags … set;
37s: Diatonics (EFDSS) - Speed the Plough/Staten Island; 37s→32s: The Irish Experience - Julia Delaney/Dinny O’Brien’s/Drowsy Maggie set.
36s: Peter Miln - Glasgow Reel, The String Sisters - *The Crow’s Visit, Liz Carroll & John Doyle - *Ricky’s White Face, Sláinte - Scully’s/Mrs MacLeod’s, The Fretless - *Macleod’s Farewell/Palmer’s Gate, The Faux Paws - *Katy Hill, Bellowhead - *Frogs Legs/Dragons Teeth, The Faux Paws - Gaucmaster!, Nathan Gourley - Heights of Muingbhatha, Sharon Corr - Cooley’s, Jon Boden - OXO Reel;
35s: Sláinte Mhath - *The White Crow, The Elderberries - *Torn Jacket/Boy in Boat/Toss … set, Arcady - *The Maid Of Mount Cisco/… Ballyconnell/Ivy Leaf set, Keith Smith - The 9lb Chicken, Lissa Schneckenburger - Lady Walpole’s Reel/The Mountain Ranger/Nancy King set, Celtic Fiddle Festival - Twilight in Portroe/… /… set, Trip to Durrow/… /… set, George Penk, Clyde Curley & Susan Songer - Merriweather/Sally Ann Johnson, Various (from a ‘Celtic Reels and Jigs’ compilation) - Drowsy Maggie/Cooley’s Reel, Countercurrent - *Spike Island Lasses/Cape Rock/Neckbelly - *Tunes in Seattle - Sunshower/Lindsey and Lindsay, Natalie MacMaster - Stoney Lake Reels, Kevin Burke et al. - *Bus Stop/Miss McCloud’s/Lost Indian (takes 30s for 32 bars), Dance Music of Ireland - The Maudabawn Chapel/… /Moher… set, Howie MacDonald - The Cape Breton Symphony/… Beggar Man/Irish Reel, Rosin in the Aire - Cold Frosty Morning;
34s: Liz Carroll - *Ronan Boys, Sharon Shannon - *The Woodchoppers, *Bag of Cats, *Bonnie Mulligan, or *Miss Thomson’s/The Derry Reel set, Gerry O'Connor - *Mountain Road, La Famille Arsenault - La Reel Mon Oncle Albert/Whiskey Before Breakfast, The Brock McGuire Band - The Moving Cloud, Frankie Gavin - *Over The Moor to Maggie, Alasdair Fraser - *Tommy’s Tarbukas, Aly Bain & Jay Ungar - Big Scioty, Dave Swarbrick - *Farewell to Gibralta, Sean McGuire - *Feargal O'Gara/Liffey Banks, Daimh - Scotsville, Caladh Nua - *By Heck, Fara - The Dragon, Knot Fibb’n - Merry Blacksmith/Father Kelly’s/Uncle’s Lucky Charms, The Brock McGuire Band - *The Moving Cloud, Tom Doherty - The Three Sisters Reel, Ronan Hardiman - Flight of the Termite, Máiréad Nesbitt - *The Butterfly - Skidoo (but 20s break from 2m07), Howie MacDonald & MacIsaac - *Old Time Wedding Reel Medley, Dominique Dupuis - *Reels des Naufragés, Flook - *Larry Get Out the Bin/Elzics Farewell, Patrick Street - Killanin's Fancy/… Portobello/… set, Séamus Egan - Poultry in the Parlour/Rolling in the Ryegrass, Michael Daves - *The 28th of January, William Coulter & Barry Phillips - Come Dance and Sing, Kevin Burke & Cal Scott - The Doon Reel/The Reel of Mullinavat/Maud Millers, Whapweasel - *Crisps, - JWJ;
33s: Ashley MacIsaac - *Reels (…/Silver Spear/…), The Elderberries - Long Set/Silver Spear, Altan - The Curlew/McDermott’s/Boxty, … The Triple T, Monster Ceilidh Band - *Messis - *Reasoning, Banter (EFDSS) - *Corn Rigs/Seneca Square Dance, Contrasaurus (EFDSS) - *Tipsy Parson/The Breakdown, The Gothard Sisters - Celebration Reel, Brendan Carey Block - *Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie set, - Flight of the Penguins/Mandragore, John Whelan - The Broadstone Inn/Big Snugs/Beth Pattersons, Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas - Alien Ceilidh, Solas - Give the Girl … /My Maryanne, The Shaskeen Céilí Band - Blacksmith’s Anvil/Bucks Of Oranmore/Crosses Of Annagh, Genticorum - Reel Circulair, Liz Carroll - Balkin’ Balkan/E-B-E Reel - The Chandelier/Anne Lacey’s, Tangent - *Edinburgh Rock/Anne Laceys, Trian - Paddy O'Brien’s/The Gosling/Deirdre Shannons, Celtic Fiddle Festival - *Le Printemps, Airdance - MacArthur Road/Gravel Walk, Alastair Fraser & Natalie Haas - *!(jig) Calliope House/MacArthur Road/Frank’s Reel set, Becky Tracy - Folans/The Corner House/The Red-haired Lass, Arty McGlynn - Walter Sammon’s Grandmother/Concertina … set, Dominique Dupuis - *Jack Daniel’s set, Banjo & Fiddles (Ludlow & Boucher) - Irish Set (Silver Spear), Laura Light - Paddy on a Bun, The Tune Makers - The Bucks of Oranmore, The Dam Beavers - *Hayward Medley (Mairi’s Wedding/… );
32s: (WttD, CD1, 08) The Ranchers - Reels: Left Handed Tushka/Susan Cooper, Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas - Alien Ceilidh, Natalie MacMaster - Three Reels, *Catharsis, Space Ceilidh, The Green Lads - *Grand Scapes, Altan - Glory Reel/The Heathery Cruach set, Peter Miln - Cuishlin Ma Chree, Liz Carroll - *Sevens - *Silver Spear - *Fremont Center/Vornado, *Anne Lacey’s, The Barra MacNeils or Liz Doherty - *Dougie MacDonald, Celtic Music - *Doherty’s Reel, Contrasaurus - *Up Jumped the Devil/Marmaduke’s Hornpipe, Niteworks - *Highlanders Farewell, Tidal Wave (Contra Quebecois) - Reel à Bruce/Reel De Terrebonne/Reel Du Nord, Malachy Doris Céilí Band - The Breakdown/Staten Island/Caddam Wood, Lissa Schneckenburger - Melissa without the "Me"/Eric’s Birthday, The Gothard Sisters - St Anne’s Reel - Hummingbird - Against the Grain, Martin O'Connor et al. - *The Cooley Set, The Clayfoot Strutters - *Kotu, Kilfenora Ceili - Sheehan’s/Merry Blacksmith/… , Aly Bain et al. - *The Boys of 25/The Glass of Beer (from Transatlantic Sessions 5), Aly Bain, Mike McClusker et al. - *Reels, Jenna Reid, Aly Bain and Friends - *Fiddle Blast, Matt Molloy - The London Lasses/Farewell to Ireland, Monster Ceilidh Band - Maid of Galway/Pigtown Fling, Howie MacDonald & MacIsaac - *Mason’s Apron Medley, Danú - The Stone in the Field/The Walls of Liscarroll, Blazin’ Fiddles - **Fashion - Eejit set The Celtic Celi Band - Three Young Ladies Drinking Whiskey … , Tidal Wave - Set Des Frères Pigeon/Répertoire Gérard Lajoie/…, Alexis Chartrand & Babineau - *Le Malcommode/La Gemme Pascale, Steamchicken - *Old Joe Clarke, Kevin Griffin et al. - *The Green Mountain/Humours of Westport/… Oranmore set;
31s: Danú - *The Stone in the Field, Gallowglass - Rakes of Mallow, Andrew Vogts - Rosin on the Gourd, Alban Fuam - *The Congess Reel, Nova - Redwood, The Gothard Sisters - The Landing, Rún - *Road to Lisdoonvarna, Peter Miln - *!Banshee, Liz Carroll - Lost Indian, Andrew McNamara - The Humours of Tulla/The Skylark/Roarin’ Mary, The Green Lads - *Grand Scapes (MacArthur Road), Brittany Haas & Jordan Tice - Indian Ate a Woodchuck, Dominique Dupuis - Set à Barbara (Silver Spear/La Belle Catherine), Acadie;
30s: Ashley MacIsaac - *Jerry’s Beaver Hat/Catherine… set, Leahy - *Mission, Leviathan, Seamus Coyne’s, Confrontation, *The Call to Dance, Banter - Harper’s Frolic/Bonny Kate, Anna Ludlow - *The Hurricane, Andrew Vogts - *Boxing Reel/The Pig and the Devil’s Eye, Liz Carroll & John Doyle - Paddy Glackin’s Trip to Dingle/On the Lam/The Waves at Dingle/The Top of Stairs, Adam Sutherland & Friends, The Green Lads - *Road to Errogie, Yanks - *Holly Bush, Amber Leigh also Misty Mountains - Cooleys, Street Fiddlers - Queen Ester’s, Lissa Schneckenburger - Hipper than Hip/Hapenney Reel/Hughie Shortie’s, Aly Bain - Sophie’s Dancing Feet/Andy Brown’s set, Banter - Harpers Frolic/Bonnie Kate, Blazin’ Fiddles - *Miss Johnstone/Rannie MacLellan/… set;

16-bar: 21s (spurting to 17s): Pa’s Fiddle Band - Money Musk;  20s: Mick O’Brien & C O'R - Rolling in the Ryegrass set;  18s: Patrick Street (Arty McGlynn et al) - Martin Rochford’s Reel/Roll Out the Barrel/… Chair set;  17s: Crannog - The Red Haired Lass set;  16s: Andrew McNamara - The Humours of Tulla, Gerry O’Connor - Mountain Road set;  15s: We Banjo 3 feat. Sharon Shannon - The Fox (vocal content).

24-bar: 31s: Brittany Haas & Marshall & Walsh - Little Rabbit;  Banter - Dorset Triumph/Harpers Frolic;  28s: We Banjo 3 - The Bunch of Green Rushes/Salt Creek;  25s: Lissa Schneckenburger - Moneymusk;  24s: Four Men and a Dog - Barlow Knife (Appalachian), Hugh Burns - Smokey Mountain Breakdown, Máire Breatnach or Seelyhoo (22s) - Jenny’s Chickens;  23s: Brittany Haas - *Yell in the Shoats, The Gothard Sisters - The Three Coins.

28-bar: 42s: Johnny Cash - Casey Jones (Steamin' and a Rollin', obviously!) vocal content;  25.5s: Brittany Haas & Friends - *Rebel Raid.

40-bar: 45s: James Kelly et al. - Foxhunter’s Reel;  39s: Dominique Dupuis - Gravel Walk.

48-bar: 59s: Liz Carroll - Lost in the Loop; 54s: Keith Smith - Clutha, Falconers - Walpole Cottage, Noel Hill - Duke of Leinster;  48s: Amber Leigh - Toss the Feathers, De Danann - *Mulvihill’s Reel/The Dawn;  44s: Andrew Vogts - Bumblebee in a Jug.

Odd Structure Reels (a bar per second): Celtic Fiddle Festival - La Belle Catherine, Reel a Tido/*La Rachoudine, Brittany Haas - *Streak O’ Lean, Streak O' Fat (similar to Hell Broke Loose in Georgia), The Demon Barbers - Kiss Me Quick My Mammy's … , Haas & Molsky - Lady Hamilton, Brendan Carey Block - Jake’s Trip to Seattle (18-bar).


32-bar:  38s: Stout Scouts - Lilting Banshee, Seelyhoo - Miss Sarah MacFadyen/Farewell … ;
35s: Syncopaths - *East of Glendart/… , *Bronwyn Leigh, Kathleen & Jim Fownes - *The Old Favorite/The !Orphan, Lissa Schneckenburger - Jefferson and Liberty/Bert Ferguson, Koda - Wee Man from Skye;
34s: Oxford Nags (EFDSS) - Perfect Cure/Rig-a-Jig-Jig, The Good Tune - *Maids Of Selma/Lisnagun Jig, Celtic Fiddle Festival - Stan Chapman’s/Arthur Darley’s;
33s: Mark Arrington - Haymaker’s Jig, Angelina Carberry - *Dermot Grogan's/Hardiman’s Fancy, Adam Agee & Jon Sousa - Hardiman’s Fancy/Apples … ;
32s: Kevin Burke & Cal Scott - *The Green Fields of Woodford/Seanamhac … , Jimmy Blair and his Scottish Dance Band - Lord Rosslyn’s Fancy, Natalie MacMaster - New York, Steamchicken - Nobbers New Jigs, Trinculo - *Drummond Castle/Shorty’s Revenge set and Any Jig Will Do set, Michael O'Donoghue - Haymaker’s Jig, Tiger Moth - Oats, Beans and Barley Grow;
31s: (WttD, CD1, 07) The Ranchers - Jigs: Lady Mary Douglas/Jump at the Sun/There Came a Young Man, Patrick Street - Portarlington/McCormick’s… set, The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - *Jake’s Jig/Going to the Well for Water/… set, Leahy - Wedding Day, Lissa Schneckenburger - *Bottle of Brandy set, Alasdair Fraser & Paul Machlis - Calliope House/Cowboy Jig, Climax Ceilidh Band - *Spike, Celtic Fiddle - Old Apples, Paddy Canny - Pipe on the Hob, Natalie MacMaster - Mahone Bay, Séamus Egan - Garrett Barry’s/Hag at the Churn set, Trio - *Snug in the Blanket/Drummond Castle/Stool of Repentance;
30s: Adam Agee & Jon Sousa - *An Giorra … (The Hare in the Corn)/O’Keefe’s Jig set, Liz Carroll - *Champaign Jig Goes to Columbia, *The Jigs, VanNorstrand bros. - Sage Creek/The Dread Pirate Roberts/Ruby and Bing, Bothy Band - *Strayaway Child, Koda - Kenny Gillies, James Keane - *Geese in the Bog, Halali - *Jimmy Boyles/The Roaring Bar Maid/Joy Go With My Love, Natalie MacMaster - Jig Party, *St Nick’s, Counselors Jig/The Rakes of Kildare/The Lark in the Morning, Steeleye Span - Bride’s Favourite, Danú - Brown-Eyed Bridget, Matt Molloy - Pathway to the Well/Pride of Rockchapel/… set, Open House - Devil’s Jig/The Trip to Bantry/… set, Alban Fuam - *Hand Me Down the Tackle/Fermoy… /… set, Eliza Carthy & The K. of C. - Little Bear/Wobbly Cat/Upton Stick Dance set, Brendan Carey Block - *Kates/The Mill Roof, Jingbang Ceilidh Band - Hullichan’s Jig/The Curlew/The Skyeman’s Jig/Troy’s Weddings;
29s: Adam Agee & Jon Sousa - Drummond Castle/The Old… set, Danú/Celtic Fiddle Festival - *Jimmy Ward’s, Séamus Egan - Lark in the Morning/… /Humours of Ballyloughlin set, Alban Fuam - *Connie Walshe’s/Out on the Ocean/… Delaney’s set, Session Tunes - Trip to Athlone/Rambling Pitchfork/… set, Caitlin Warbelow & Johnny Cuomo - *Eddie Kelly’s/Alabama Rick’s/… set, The Drowsy Lads - Blackthorn Stick/Connaughtman’s Rambles/… set, Blazin' Fiddles - Braehead Cottage, Howie MacDonald - Dan R’s Favourite/Portland Fancy/… set;
28s: Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas - *Jig Runrig, Banter - *Jump at the Sun, John Doonan - Smash the Windows, The Bothy Band - *The Kesh, John Carty - *Grey Goose, The Elderberries - *The Hag set, Altan - The Blue Idol, Eliza Carthy & The KoC - Holm Band Tune/Robert’s …/… set;
27s: Rapalje - *John Joe Gammon’s Jig/Upstairs/Darlings Asleep, Les Genoux - Chapelloise/Jump at the Sun, Gillian Boucher & Bob McNeill - Jigs;  26s: De Danann All Stars - Kitty’s Wedding/The Rambler.

16-bar: 15s: Patrick Street - *Mrs O'Sullivan’s/Calliope House, Blazin’ Fiddles - *Thursday Night in Caley, The Gothard Sisters - Midsummer Jigs.

40-bar: 42s: The House Band - The Zakynthos Jig.

48-bar: 54s: Greg Joy - *Blarney Pilgrim, Damien O'Kane & David Kosky - Morgan Rattler;
50s: Laoise Kelly - All Alive/Malcolm’s New Fiddle/Battering Ram (gentle), Mark, Holly and Bruce (Climax) - Morgan Rattler/Zakynthos Jig, ITMA Staff - The Humours of Ennistymon/The Cliffs of Moher/Out On the Ocean set, Mark Arrington - Sweets of May;
48s: Steeleye Span - Mooncoin, Blackthorn - Dusty Windowsill Jig set;
45s: The Elderberries - Banish Misfortune/Swallowtail/… set, Midgies Ceilidh Band - *Leg of a Duck/Glasgow Gaels;
46s: Jon Boden - Bridge of Athlone, The Tulla Ceili Band - Cook in the Kitchen, Spiers & Boden - Oswestry Wake/Morgan Rattler, Kevin Burke - *The Humours of Ennistymon/Old as the Hills set, Junor Davy and Friends - Strike the Gay Harp/The Hag’s Purse;
44s: Various - *Blarney Pilgrim, Blowzabella - *Horizonto, Eliza Carthy - Zycanthos Jig set;
42s: Matt Molloy - *Munster Buttermilk, Threepenny Bit - Coffee Zycanthos.

56-bar: 56s: Niamh Ni Charra - The Bruckless Shore.

Double Jigs

32-bar:  33s: Niall Mulligan - Brennan’s Jig/Grainne’s Jig;  32s: Patrick Street - *The Shores of Lough Gowna/Contentment is … set, Celtic Fiddle Festival - Maureen’s Fancy/Ceili Jig/Swinging Jig, John Whelan - Dr O'Neal/Killavel, Kennedy’s Kitchen - Girls of Banbridge, Willie Coleman’s;  31s: Waxies Dargle - Father O'Flynn/Irish Washerwoman/Blackberry Blossom… set, FullSet - Lost & Found, The Climax Ceilidh Band - *Spike !has 19s pause!, The Scottish Fiddle Orch. - Jakes Jig/Well for Water;  30s: FullSet - The Lost & Found, John Whelan - *Humours Of Glendart/Leitrim Fancy/Paddy In London, Francis O'Neill’s/…/…, The Blue Rock Boys - Doctor O'Neill’s;  Brendan Mulhaire Band - Hag with the Money, Howie MacDonald - Miss Ann Campbell/The Green Tree/The ‘Buddy’ Jig;  29s: Whapweasel - Badunga, Beòlach - Annie’s New Heart, Blazin' Fiddles - Braehead Cottage, The Barra MacNeils - Wedding Party Medley, FullSet - Travers;  27s: Morga - James McMahon’s/Gold Ring/Orphan, Blazin' Fiddles - The Jigs.

24-bar: 23s: Dominique Dupuis - *Mom’s Jig/Cape Breton Dream.

48-bar: 55s: Perpetual e-Motion - Banks of Lough Gowna/Rolling Waves/Willie Coleman’s;  44s: Whapweasel - The Ship.

Slip Jigs

51s: Sean Softley - Open Slip Jigs; 50s: Altan - A Fig for a Kiss/Turf Cutter, Mark Arrington - *The Foxhunter’s Slip Jig set;  48s: Rún - Hardiman the Fiddler, Máire Breatnach - Nead Na Lachan (The Foxhunter), Natalie MacMaster - *Patricia Kelso’s, Altan - Tommy Potts’ Slip Jigs, Randal Bays - The Mother’s Day/Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight;  46s: Fiddler’s Dram - Peel the Tatties/The Pig in the Kitchen/The Barony Jig, Mark & Holly - The Peacock followed the Hen/Foxhunters/Drops of Brandy;  44s: Ann'Sanat - The Butterfly;  43s: Spinach for Norman - *Rocky Road to Dublin/Foxhunters Jig/Drops of Brandy;  42s: Alban Fuam - Rocky Road to Dublin, Mervent - Alcoholik Slip Jigs set, Street Fiddlers - Nead Na Lachan (The Foxhunter’s Jig);  39s: The Bothy Band - The Butterfly.


32-bar:  38s: Lissa Schneckenburger - Jamie Allen;  35s: Cheviot Ranters - Call of the Pipes/… Rocks … /… ; Brian Roe - Sean Ryan’s Polka;  34s: Craig Duncan - Grandfather/Clarinet Polka, unidentified - Shiftin’ Bobbins;  33s: Fred Hanna - Siege of Ennis/Banks of Inverness;  32s: Art Stamper - Barndance Polka, Cheviot Ranters - La Russe/Good Humour/Come Let Us Dance and Sing;  31s: Sláinte - Britches Full of Stitches/Munster Bank/Sullivan’s, Ghurt Yo'Ghurt - Sean Ryan’s Polka/… set, 422 (EFDSS) - *The Huntsmens Chorus/Grandfathers Polka/Bonny Kate Medley;  30s: Eliza Carthy & Kings of Calicutt - Trip to Fowey/Cuckold Came out of the Amery/Indian Queen, unidentified - *Sean Ryan’s Polka;  28s: Reelroad - *Maurice Manley’s/Siege of Ennis/Egan’s/Tarmon’s/Sean Ryan’s, Liz Carroll & John Doyle - Kieran’s Polka/The Bike to Ballyhahill set;  26s: Mervent - *Ballydesmond #1/Ballydesmond #2/Egan’s set.

16-bar: 21s: Nightingale - Newmarket Polka - Trip to Dingle;  17s: Geslison & Groberg - Cotton Eye Joe;  15s: Sham Rock - Tell Me Ma;  14.5s: Gaelic Storm - Tell Me Ma.


32-bar:  40s: Cheviot Ranters - Drops of Brandy/the Moorbridge Hornpipe/Giswick Kirn/The Old Drove Road, Redesdale Hornpipe/King of the Fairies/… ;
39s: Blazin’ Fiddles - President Garfield;
35s: Corrina Rose Logston - JC’s/Honeycat Hornpipe;
34s: Eliza Carthy - Scan Tester’s Country Stepdance/… , 422 (EFDSS) - Soldiers Joy/The Great North Run/Dunstanburgh Castle;
33s: Corrina Rose Logston - Wilson’s Hornpipe.

16-bar: 34s: Wintergreen - Puddleglum’s Misery/Elsa’s … ;
26s: Steamchicken - … Devil's Dead/In Party Mood ;
25s: Cooper, Bulwer, Hawkins - Washing Day/Old Mrs Huddledee/Keel Row, Bellowhead - Kafoozalum/Priest’s Miss, Steamchicken - Gobby’s Christmas …, Elektroarfa Elektroskripka - Off To California;
23s: John Carmichael Band - Canadian Barn Dance, Oxford Nags (EFDSS) - Steamboat/Boyne Water.

Bluegrass (to accompany American Square Dances)

32-bar:  39s: Ricky Skaggs - Missing Vassar;
38s: We Banjo 3 - *John Brown/The Lost Indian/Sail Away Ladies;
37s: Bruce Molsky - *Shove the Pig’s Foot …;
36s: Bucketboy Bluegrass Band - Kitchen Girl/June Apple, Mark Johnson - Booth Shot Lincoln, Lone Pine String Band - Angeline the Baker, John Hartford - Squirrel Hunters, Mark O'Connor - Say Old Man, Jim Hendricks - Ballad of Casey Jones (instrumental), We Banjo 3 - Little Liza Jane (vocal content);
34s: Studio Musicians - Turkey in the Straw, The Sons of Pioneers - *Oh Susanna, Govannen - *Billy in the Low Ground, The Grascals - *Old Dangerfield, Chance McCoy & Appalachian String Band - *Greasy Coat, Amy Alvey & Brad Leftwich - Indian on a Stump, Ron Block - Devil in the Strawstack, Michael McGoldrick, Lunny, Molsky - Sail Away Ladies/Walking in the Parlour, John Reischman - Walk Along John to Kansas;
33s: Kenny Baker - Smoky Mountain Rag, Art Stamper - Old Arkansas, Bryan Sutton - Kitchen Girl, Brittany Haas - Fisher’s Hornpipe - Duck River - Smith’s Reel, Notorious - Door County #2, Mark O'Connor - Tennessee Wagoner, Altan - The Triple T, Jim Hendricks - Mountain Dew, Empty Bottle String Band - *Booth Shot Lincoln, Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys - Ashland Breakdown, Matt Turino - Jane’s Birthday, Abrams Brothers - Nashville Skyline Rag, We Banjo 3 - Road to Eirogee/President Garfield set.
32s: Art Stamper - Miss Spencer’s Reel - Goodbye Girls I'm Going to Boston, Corrina Rose Logston - Smokey Mountain Rag, Chance McCoy & the Appalachian String Band - Twin Sisters - Indian Ate a Woodchuck - Cranberry Rock, Roy Acuff & Smoky Mountain Boys - Black Mountain Rag, The Steeldrivers - Whiskey Before Breakfast, J. T. Perkins - Bill Cheatum, The Bog/Foghorn Stringband - Nancy Rowland, Shannon Bielski & Rob Benzing - *Clinch Mountain Backstep, Martin Simpson et al. - Gather the Owls, Water Tower - Red Prairie Dawn, Foghorn Stringband - Grigsby’s Hornpipe, The Nashville Bluegrass Band - Old Timey Risin’ Damp, Jones, Miller & Nelson - Possum on a Rail, Crooked Still - *Angeline the Baker (some vocal content);
31s: Richard Durrant - Billy in the Low Ground, Mason Williams or Various Artists - Ragtime Annie, Hawktail - *Abbzug (40s-31s), Corrina Rose Logston - Laughing Boy, Bela Fleck - Rocky Road (2 + 32 bars), Bruce Molsky - John Brown’s Dream (some vocal content), Cotton-Eye Joe, Chance McCoy & the Appalachian String Band - Shelvin Rock, The Faux Paws - Fruit Game, Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper - Jerusalem Ridge, Notorious - *Iowa City/Springfield Girls, Aubrey Haynie - *Foolin' Around, Art Stamper - *Jenny Lind, Sweet Dixie, Studio musicians - Flop-Eared Mule, Full Cord - Cluck Old Hen, Corrina Rose Logston - Sandridge, Mountain Heart - Barn Dance;
30s: Mike Scott - *Sally Goodin, New Grass Revival - *Casey Jones, Steeldrivers - Angelina Baker, Broken Circle Breakdown Band or Krüger Brothers or Nat Keefe - *Reuben’s Train, Haas & Molsky - Red Steer, The Ozark Banjo Co. - *Anne Lacey’s/Ashland Breakdown, Hot Buttered Rum - *Old Dangerfield, Water Tower Bucket Boys - Greasy Coat, Kenny Baker - Black Mountain Rag, The Bluegrass Album Band - Brown County Breakdown, Benton Flippen - Fly Around my Pretty Little Miss, Foghorn Stringband - Lost Girl, Craig Duncan - Ragtime Annie, Frank Blevins & Rattlers - Susannah Gal (FAmPLM?)/Old Aunt Betsy (both have some vocal content);
29s: Aubrey Haynie - Hamilton Special, Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys - Tallahassee, Soggy Bottom Boys - Angeline the Baker, Chance McCoy & the Appalachian String Band - Jimmy Johnson, Aubrey Haynie - Bill Cheatham, Charlie Moore - Maple Sugar Reel, Art Stamper - Martha Campbell, Newton Boys or Kentucky Colonels - Alabama Jubilee, Uncle Earl - Julianne Johnson, Ricky Skaggs - Montana Slim (32-ish-bar);
28s: Aubrey Haynie - Bill Cheathem, World's Greatest Bluegrass Banjos - Farewell Blues, Andrew Vogts - *Sadie at the Back Door, Brittany Haas et al. - *Giardian Angel, Art Stamper - Red Apple Rag, Lost Mountain - Possum on a Rail, Uncle Earl - Walkin’ in My Sleep, Chance McCoy et al. - Dance all Night… (some vocal content), Iron Mountain Band - Sugar Hill (some vocal content);
27s: Bruce Molsky - Johnson City Rag, Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys - Big Sandy River, Nora Brown & Stephanie Coleman (at Pewter Sessions) - *Last Chance;
26s: Corrina Rose Logston - Soppin’ the Gravy, Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs - Lonesome Road Blues.

16-bar 18s: Babineau & Chartrand - Windsor Mills;  17.5s: Corrina Rose Logston - *Highlander’s Farewell;  17s: Ron Block - *Devil in the Strawstack;  16s: Mike Kerin et al. - Chicken Reel, The Bog/Foghorn Stringband combo - Nancy Rowland;  15s: Gordon Terry - The Chicken Reel.

20-bar 22s: *Dirk Powell - Sally Ann;  21s: Craig Duncan - Sally Ann, Eden MacAdam-Sommer & Ungar - Glory in the Meeting House;  19s: Adam Hurt - Say Old Man (I Want Your Daughter).

24-bar 26s: Rattle on the Stovepipe - *Chinquapin Hunting, Brittany Haas - John Brown’s Dream;  24s: Four Men and a Dog - Barlow Knife, Aubrey Haynie - Make a Little Boat, Mickey Raphael (Harmonica) - Oh Susanna;  23.5s: Uncle Earl - Backstep Cindy;  22.5s: Bruce Molsky - Last of Harris;  22s: Hammer & String - *Say Old Man, Can I Have Your Daughter;  21s: Various - The Humpback Mule.

28-bar 26s: Brittany Haas & Friends - Red Steer, Shove the Pig’s Foot… /*Rebel Raid;  24s: Jack Devereux - Red Steer.

36-bar 35s: Pete Sutherland & Brad Kolodner - *Five Miles From Town;  34s: Aubrey Haynie - Creeks a Risin';  31s: Aubrey Haynie - Cherokee Shuffle.

40-bar 43s: Haas & Molsky - John Brown’s Dream;  42s: Glenn Sutton - Green Bluegrass;  40s: David Holt & Josh Goforth - *Billy Wilson;  38s: Randall Franks, Fairchild, Shuler - Down Yonder.

48-bar 52s: Matt & Tom Turino - Cuiver River Shiver;  48s (49 bars): Notorious - Pickin' the Berries;  47s: Brittany Haas with Lauren Rioux & Avril Smith - Sullivan’s Hollow/Five Miles From Town;  39s: Hobart Smith - *Cripple Creek.

Bluegrass Oddities 27ish-bar in 26s:  Balsam Range - *Backdraft; Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys - Crossing The Cumberlands (46s, step-hop).

New England Contras

32-bar:  39s: Mean Lids - Amber Fields;
38s: Lissa Schneckenburger, DiMario & Murphy - The Old Maid of Galway;
37s: Becky Tracy - Arizona;
36s: We Banjo 3 - Good Time, Old Time, The Faux Paws - Southport - Katy Hill, Sam Bartlett & Sue Sternberg - Evil Diane - Mary Devlin’s;
35s: Perpetual e-Motion - Vladi on the Trans-Siberian, Cluck Old Hen, Countercurrent - Tunes in Seattle;
34s: George Penk, Clyde Curley & Susan Songer - Merriweather/Sally Ann Johnson set, Great Bear Trio - *Benton’s Hallucinations - The Gardener, Flook - *Larry …/Elzic’s Farewell, Buddy System - Acorn Stomp/Black … , Toss the Possum - Apple Blossom, Michael Daves - *The 28th January, Hotpoint Stringband - *Bus Stop Reel, Pete’s Posse - The Echo, Gypsy Meltdown - *Vortex/Rainy Night in Montague, Mean Lids - Bubbles/Sally in the Garden - Midnight Wander - Red Prarie Dawn - Trip to Pakistan, Máiréad Nesbitt - *The Butterfly Reel - *Skidoo, Syncopaths - The Hut on Staffin Island/Johnny Wilmot’s Fiddle/Frank’s Reel;
33s: Tidal Wave (Contra Quebecois) - Reel à Bruce/Reel De Terrebonne/Reel Du Nord, Perpetual e-Motion - Turnpike Warrior/Mom/Kandahar set, The Great Bear Trio - *The Randomanians - Jenny’s Groove - The Amazing Flying Sebastian, Big Bandemonium - *Flying Tent, Syncopaths - The Hut on Staffin Island/Wilmots/… , Pete’s Posse - The Bunny Tree, Contranella - Walking Home/D Tune, Hotpoint Stringband - Big John MacNeil/Elzic’s Farewell set, Jeff City/Dolly McFadden’s Favorite/… set, Nightingale - Ballygow/The Bus Stop/MacDonalds, Come Along Jody/… Dog, Genticorum - Reel Circulaire, La Bottine Souriante - Sheepskin and Beeswax, Retrospectacles - Catharsis/Red Crow, Stringdancer - Bad Axe Breakdown;
32s: Perpetual e-Motion - Sandy Boys/Beth Cohen’s set, The Great Bear Trio - Contra Dance - The Hat Thief - Lake City/The Monarch (30s), Airdance - Muddy Roads, George Penk, Clyde Curley & Susan Songer - Mad River/…/Hey Little Girl set, Tom Adler & Co. (incl. Rob Pine) - Sweet Nell, Hotpoint Stringband - Juneteenth/Opera Reel, Warsaw/*Haphazard Breakdown set, Andrew and Noah Band - *Elusive Goose - Cascade/Dial Pancake, Toss the Possum - Golden Ticket - Blackberry Blossom - Elzic’s Farewell - *The Volunteer, The Lost and Nameless Orchestra - Dizzy Molly/Delaney/… McNeil, The Gothard Sisters - *Against the Grain!!, Stringdancer - Bridget’s …/Curvy Road …/*Haphazard Breakdown set, The Dam Beavers - *Dirt, Contranella - *Esquimaux/New Year/… - Downtown/Aquarius/… , Syncopaths - The Very Last Straw - Spootiskerry/Morning Haggis, Béla Fleck - *Frosty Morning, Tidal Wave - Set des Frères Pidgeon/Répertoire Gerard Lajoie/St Michel - Reel Américain/Bergeville, Brendan Carey Block - Flight of the Penguins/Mandragore, Wake Up Robin - *Rainy Night, Raccoon;
31s: The Great Bear Trio - *Garbage in A, Buddy System - *Ride the Wheel, Andrew & Noah - Flying Cloud Cotillion/Que, Firecloud - *Sandy Boys/…, Nova - Snow Boots, Toss the Possum - Catharsis, Hanneke Cassel - *Dot the Dragon’s Eyes, Nightingale - Barter’s Hill/Lucy Campbell, Mean Lids - Waterbound, The Green Lads - Pop;
30s: Blazin'’ Fiddles - Pat The Budgie, Perpetual e-Motion - Greasy Coat/Sally Ann, The Great Bear Trio - Rec Hall/Redstone Reel/Allen Street, Giant Robot Dance - Sheepskin & Beeswax, Pete’s Posse - *Fine Times, Perpetual e-Motion - Greasy Coat/Sally Ann.
35s-29s: Nova - Epic Reel/Trip to the Market/The Coalminer.


Electro/Techno Contra (tempo shown for 32-bars - but rarely structured as regular 32-bars, so needs more concentration by the caller.)

34s: Firecloud - Smith Mountain/High Avalanche Danger, DR Shadow (Benjamin Smith) - Hills;
33s: DR Shadow - First Chance, Vitamin String Quartet - Billie Jean;
32s: Perpetual e-Motion - *Flying Tent - Bridge the Gap, DR Shadow (feat. Mean Lids) - *Glory in the House - Midnight - Drop - Cluck This, Firecloud - *Eyeball Tacos - Twister, Niteworks - Beul na h-Oidhche, Vitamin String Quartet or Taylor Davis - *Thriller, Alexandr Misko or Organic Strings - Billie Jean;
31s: The Faux Paws - *Dirt Nap, Firecloud - *Get Serious, Niteworks - Highlanders’ Farewell, Perpetual e-Motion - *Eleanor Rigby, Erhan Shukri - Billie Jean.

Review numerous contra recordings direct from this index:


32-bar  42s: Boiling Bayou Cajun Band - *Amedée Two-Step, The Cajun All-Stars - Cousin Lilly, Lost Bayou Ramblers or Lee Benoit - Bosco Stomp;
41s: The Cajun All-Stars - Mamou Two-Step;
40s: The Savoy Family Band - Rockin’ Chair Two-Step, Lost Bayou Ramblers - Bayou Perdu, Renee Stomp, Lacassine Special, *Bayou Perdu (vocal content), The Cajun All-Stars - *Mamou Jam;
39s: The Cajun All-Stars - *Newz Reel, Jesse Lege - Mamou Hot Step;
38s: The Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Evangeline Special, La Queue De Tortue, *Lacassine Special (minor vocal content), The Savoy Family Band - Tite Robe Court (some vocal content);
36s: The Balfa Brothers - Indian On A Stomp (minor vocal content);
35s: Dewey Balfa, Marc Savoy, D. L. Menard - Liberty.