Circle, Square and Crossways Dances

Last updated:  October, 2023

Alabama Jubilee

Form:  One big circle (so, not the square dance), lady on man’s right - all facing the centre.

A1:   All join hands and move four steps into the middle…  and back four steps out, repeat.

A2:  Allemande left with neighbour, do-si-do partner once-and-a-half…  forward to the next person - holding out right hand.  5 + 10 + 1 steps

B1:   Allemande right with the hand coming towards you, who’ll be your new partner.  End facing back towards your original partner, swing original partner.  Both end-up facing anticlockwise (Acw.) around the circle.

B2:  Promenade Acw. c. 10 steps round the circle.  Men move-on to their new partner…  all re-form the circle and face in.

Music:  32-bar reel (Bluegrass).  35s: Matt & Tom Turino - Cuivre River Shiver, The Gilded Bats - Sals Got Mud …;  34s: The Faux Paws - Fourth Decade, Matt & Tom Turino - Scavenger’s Delight;  33s: Empty Bottle String Band - Booth Shot Lincoln.

Apple Tree Square

Form:  Four couples in a square.

A1:   Head couples (‘1’s and ‘3’s) go forward & back;
‘1’s cross-trail: ‘1’s cross the set to pass between ‘3’s - changing places with each other as they go (lady in front), separate and go back to place round the outside.

A2:  All do-si-do corner, do-si-do partner.

B1:   Allemande left your corner, give right hand to your partner and start a R-L Grand Chain (men go Acw. round the circle, ladies go Cw., by pulling past with alternate hands).

B2:  When you meet your partner, do-si-do and promenade home.

Repeat – but with sides leading.

Music:  32-bar jig/reel.  37s: Tiger Moth - La Bastringue;  35s: Adam Agee & Jon Sousa - *The Maids of Holywell/Cor Pheait/… Reel set;  33s: The Gothard Sisters - Celebration Reel, Patrick Street - The Shores of Lough Gowna/Contentment is… (jig) set, Corrina Rose Logston - Charleston No. 1, (reel) Alan McCartney & Paul Bradley - The Silver Spear/Gilbert Clancy’s/Road to Ballymac set;  32s: Liz Carroll - *The Silver Spear/The Earl’s Chair/The Musical Priest, Ghurt-Yo-ghurt - The Musical Priest, Jenna Reid, Aly Bain and Friends - *Fiddle Blast, Patrick Street - Killanin’s Fancy/… Portobello/… (reel) set.

The New Mrs Arrowsmith

Author:  Gordon Potts

Form:  Four couples in a square.

A1:   Head couples take a hand with partner and lead ‘forward’ four steps in to the middle of the set and ‘back’.
Head couples forward, then separate and out - taking their ‘opposite’ by the hand and passing between their adjacent side couple (who’ll need to separate slightly)…  then each return to place.

A2:  Sides ‘forward & back’ (4 + 4 four steps).
Side couples forward, separate and out, taking their ‘opposite’ between their adjacent head couple…  and back to place.

B1:   The four ladies ‘right hand star’.  Men cast out (curling Acw.), to circulate Acw. round the outside to the next man’s place.  When, after completing ¾ circle, the ladies encounter their partner, they ‘peel-off’ to meet him by the left hand and he courtesy turns (or Cw. twirls) her Acw. around him.  (5 + 3 beats)
Repeat the last figure.

B2:  Repeat the ‘star’ & courtesy turn figure,
then either:
repeat it one last time (by which time, the couple should have returned to place),
or, to ‘progress’:  men circulate normally, but ladies star all-the-way round - to a new partner.

Music:  hornpipe or polka (‘Step-hop’ to slower hornpipes).  25s (16 bars): Steamchicken - *… Devil's Dead/… Party, *Gobby’s/Christmas; 49s: Clannad - Fairies’ Hornpipe/Off to California;  45s: Patrick Street - Down by the Old Fairy Fort/The Whistler… ;  35s: Corrina Rose Logston - Honeycat Hornpipe;  34s: 422 (EFDSS) - Soldiers Joy/The Great North Run/Dunstanburgh Castle.
Polka:  21s (16 bars): Nightingale - *Newmarket Polka/Trip to Dingle;  35s: Cheviot Ranters - … Pipes/… Rocks/ … Glendaruch/ … ;  34s: Craig Duncan - Grandfather/Clarinet Polka;  33s: Ghurt-Yo-ghurt - Sean Ryan’s/Irish Polka set;  32s: 422 (EFDSS) - Huntsmen’s …/Grandfathers Polka/… .

Reel of Ballymore

Leslie Haworth

Form:  Big circle mixer.

Difficulty: 2

A1:   All take four steps into the middle… and back out.  (4 bars)
Repeat.  (4 bars)

A2:  Promenade partner (‘Gay Gordons’-style) eight steps anti-clockwise, then, remaining in-hold, all turn back.
Men move-on to promenade the lady in front eight steps clockwise - she's his new partner (ladies have moved-on one place… or men have moved-back one place).  End the promenade with partners facing - men facing out, ladies facing in.  (8 beats + 6 beats)

B1:   Facing your new partner, the person beside him/her on your left diagonal is your left-person (who was your previous partner), the person on the other diagonal is your right-person.
You’re now going to Allemande these three people.  Give right hand to pass your new partner, turn the right-person halfway with the left hand.  Pass partner by the right hand, turn the left-person halfway by the left hand to return to partner again.

B2:  Long swing with partner alternatively ‘Balance & Kick’ twice and then swing.

Music:  32-bar jig.  Welcome to the Dance, ‘WttD’, CD 2 - 01 The Ranchers - Reel of Barrymore (John of Paris, Lanigan’s Ball);  33s: Angelina Carberry - *Dermot Grogan’s/Hardiman’s;  32s: Trinculo - Drummond Castle/Shorty’s Revenge and Any Jig Will Do;  31s: Natalie MacMaster - Mahone Bay Jig.

Belfast Duck

Form:  duple minor, comprising a large circle of couples - men form an inner circle facing out…  or longways, proper.  Step-hop (for vigorous) or slow walk (gentle).

Prep.:  From the top, hold hands in fours.  There's a tendency for the whole set to move down the room.

A:    In fours, circle left, 8 steps;  circle right, eight steps. (8 bars)

B:    Taking inside hands, lead down the room (or clockwise, Cw.) with two, slow walking steps (easiest to start on the outside foot - "outside, inside… "),
take both hands and chassé ("side-close-side") down,
ditto up the room - or anticlockwise (Acw.),
ditto down the room,
ditto up the room but ‘1’s, stationary, make an arch and ‘2’s pass under it - so progressing.  On reaching an end, swap designation and ‘wait-out’ a turn.

Summary of B:
Down 2, chassé down 2, up 2, chassé up 2.
Down 2, chassé down 2, ‘1’s arch and ‘2’s pass under - so progressing.


Music:  hornpipe. 16-bar:  27s: Wintergreen - Puddleglum’s Miser/Elsa’s …;  23s:  ‘Welcome to the Dance’, ‘WttD’, CD 1 - 20 Woodley Yeomen - Belfast Duck (Puddleglum’s …, Walking Up Town);  24s:  Bellowhead - Kafoozalum/Priest’s Miss;

32-bar:  Hornpipe 49s:  Altan - *Dance of the Honeybees;  41s:  Stömp - Scan Tester’s.

Blaydon Races

Watch at:

Form:  Circassian circle or concentric circles.

A1:   Join hands, go into the middle - four steps - and back,  4 bars
repeat.  4 bars

A2:  Double-handed or ballroom hold: double chassé in (side, close; side, close), double chassé out,  4 bars
two-turn, crossed-hands swing.  4 bars

B1:   Promenade (skater’s handhold - hands in front, right over left) Acw. eight steps.  During the last few steps, men move-on to the lady in front.  8 bars

B2:  Balance & Kick…  repeat,  2 + 2 bars
Cross-hand swing,  4 bars
finish with the new lady on the right…  ready to restart.

Music:  32-bar march.  30s: ‘Welcome to the Dance’, ‘WttD’, CD 2 - 20 Greensleeves County Dance Band - Blaydon Races/Tramp, Tramp, Tramp/Home Boys Home (.wma), Woodley Yeomen - 13 B. R. (mp3);  ;  33s: 2nd South Carolina String Band - *Cripple Creek/Old Joe Clark/… ;  30s: Cheviot Ranters - Blaydon Races/Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny/Whenever Ye Can Yer Sure Tae Find a Geordie.

Borrowdale Exchange

Watch at:

Formation:  3-couple (with the lady on the man’s right) in a circle.  Scatter mixer - so changes of partner.

Difficulty:  1

A1:   All circle left eight steps…  and back.

A2:  All advance into the middle four steps…  and back,
do-si-do partner.

B1:   Hold right-hands across, with person opposite and nobody elseCircle left eight steps…  and back.  Finish by raising hands into an arch.
Undo the star:  keep holding hands - the lady whose hand is lowest goes under the arches (made by the other two couples) first, then the next lady.

B2:  Promenade (or polka) around the room for four bars…  then form new, 3-couple sets.  ‘Lost & Found’ couples to the centre and raise an arm.

Music:  32-bar reel:  36s: Sláinte - Scully’s Reel, Deanta - Scarta Glen Road set;  34s: Liz Carroll - Ronan Boys, Boden et al - 13 B. E. (mp3 is lo-res);  33s: Crannog - Red-Haired Lass/… Blacksmith/… Tulla, The Gothard Sisters - both *The Bandit and Celebration Reel;  Chieftans - *Ladies’ Pantalettes (speeds from 34s to 30s per 32-bars).
Polka:  35s: Cheviot Ranters - Call of the Pipes/… Rocks …/… ;  34s: Craig Duncan - Grandfather Polka/Clarinet … .

The Carousel

Author:   Bill Wolding

Form:  Sicilian Circle (couple facing couple).

A1:   Do-si-do person opposite,
do-si-do partner.

A2:  Holding hands in circles of four, Balance & Kick…  repeat,
circle left eight steps.

B1:   Balance & Kick… repeat,
circle right.

B2:  With arm around one’s partner’s waist (or linked-elbows), Balance & Kick,
men link left elbows to form a line and swing the line Ccw. ½-around,
men release elbows, individual couples continue rotating a further ½-turn to face the next couple.

B2: Circle left eight steps, ‘crash thru’ (going to the left of one’s ‘opposite’) on to the next couple.

Music:  reel.  36s: Country Fiddle Band - Miller’s Reel;  35s: Dominique Dupuis - *Reels des Naufragés, The Elderberries - Torn Jacket/Boy …/Toss …;  34s: Toss the Possum & Noah VanNorstrand - *Apple Blossom;  33s: Wild Asparagus - The Big Reel/Rare;  32s: The Lost and Nameless Orchestra - Dizzy Molly/Julia Delaney/… McNeil, Hotpoint Stringband - Irish Reel/… Laxdale;  31s: Mean Lids - Waterbound.

Chain Double Quadrille

Form:  Double Sicilian.  (Need a wide room…  and at least 32 dancers.)  Two adjacent couples face another pair of couples in an extended, double-spoke of a wheel.  The first 32 beats can be danced with a travelling step, the remainder is ‘walked’.

Note:  The degree of ‘courtesy-turn’ in the ‘Ladies Chain’ differs (¼ or ¾) between couples - affecting timing.

The middle four people r. h. star, then return to left arm turn their partners 1½ times so they end-up changing places.  8 beats + 8 beats

The middle four people, who were the outer four people, r. h. star, then return to left arm turn their partners one-and-a-half times to all finish back in their original place.  8 beats + 8 beats

Balance & Kick, repeat…  and swing.  8 beats + 8 beats

Ladies’ Chain across the set,
Ladies’ Chain along the line.  8 beats + 8 beats

Ladies’ Chain across the set,
Ladies’ Chain along the line.  8 beats + 8 beats

Holding hands down the line, forward and back.  8 beats
Forward and cross through (couples part and each pass thru’ to the left of the facing person) to the next set.  8 beats

Music:  48-bar jig.  50s: ITMA Staff - Humours of Ennistymon/…Moher/… Ocean;  48s: Steeleye Span - The Mooncoin Jig;  47s: Erutan - Banish Misfortune;  45s: Kevin Burke - *The Humours of Ennistymon/Old as the Hills, Junor Davy and Friends - Strike the Gay Harp/The Hag’s Purse, The Elderberries - Banish Misfortune/Swallowtail/…;  44s: Eliza Carthy - Zycanthos Jig/Tommy’s Foot/… set;  42s: Threepenny Bit - *Coffee Zycanthos.

La Champenoise/Chapelloise

A simple, progressive (‘mixer’), two-hand, circle dance.

Watch at:

Form:  A circle comprising couples - men on the inside - facing Acw., so that each couple is a ‘spoke’ in a wheel.  For more than six couples.

A:    In promenade hold (‘Varsovienne’-style - where the man places his right arm over his partner’s shoulders and they hold both hands), forward (start on r. f.), two, three, half-turn Cw. to back-step, two, three, close.  (4 bars)
{"Hommes à gauche/interieur.  Dans le sens antihoraire: marche, marche, marche, tourn, recule, recule, recule, touche/pause."}

Variation: the man faces Cw. round the circle - holding the lady’s extended l. hand with his right hand, and extending his left arm to hold her right hand, he then walks backwards (starting on l.f.) for three steps.  They then both half-turn Acw. - so they’ll need to extend their r. arms instead - and he walks forward.

Promenade three steps forward (start on l.f.), ½-turn Acw., three back - returning back to place - close.  (4 bars)
{"Dans le sens horaire: marche, marche… etc.".}

(Variation continues:  the man’s first few steps are backwards.  As he turns ½ Cw., the lady under-arm twirls her last few steps back to place.)

B:    Everyone faces Acw. around the circle - still holding adjacent hands only.  Couples pull together with either a little leap & ‘tap’ or a Pas de Basque, then spring apart - again with a P. de B. step.  The man then feeds his partner across (she rotates Acw.) in front of him to his left-hand side, as he slides right (across to the outside) - so they swap places.  (4)

Couples pull together, spring apart…  then make an arch with their ‘inside’ arms for the lady to duck Cw. under, offering her free, left hand to the following man.  He collects it with his left hand as he slides back to the ‘inside’ position and she completes her Cw. rotation allowing him to place his r. arm over her shoulders.  (4)

{Les couples s’approchent, s’écartent, s’échange de place.  "Tirer près ensemble, se séparer (side/côté), touche, Change de place - mais la fille passe devant le garçon, face-à-face", "En sa proche", "La fille passe en sous."}

Music: jig/gigue - Own tune.  33s-27s: Die Irrlichter, Duivelspack, Ensemble Tournevire, Les Genoux - *Chapelloise.

Circassian Circle

A simple, progressive, two-hand, circle dance.

Form:  Circassian Circle.  Couples, lady on the right, face the centre.

A1:   Forward four steps & back, repeat.

A2:  Ladies three steps in, clap, and back; men three steps in and kick.  Return to the next lady round (Acw.).

B1:   Swing.

B2:  Promenade (either skater-style [right over left] or Varsouviennes-style - man’s r. arm over lady’s shoulder - ‘Gay Gordons’-style) this lady Acw.  Finally, raise hands to twirl the lady ¾ Cw. to face in.

Music:  32-bar jig.  30s: Pa’s Fiddle Band - The Irish Washerwoman, Evergreen - Irish Washerwoman/Swallowtail Jig/The Blackthorn Stick, (Cheviot Ranters - The Three Sea Captains/Lannigan’s Ball/Ellingham Hall).

Circle/Oslo Waltz (mixer)

Watch at:

Form:  Circassian circle.  Take hands round the circle.

A:    Balance in, balance out; the man, stepping back slightly, feeds neighbour across into partner’s place to reform the circle.
Repeat three, further times.

B:    Hold both hands with the fourth person (partner).  Sway in, sway out, sway in and turn away from partner (man Acw., lady Cw.) to finish facing out.  Take hands and repeat outwards - sway out, sway in, sway out and turn.
Take ballroom hold: two chassé steps in and two out.  Waltz around the circle, then reform the circle to restart.

Music:  ‘Welcome to the Dance’, ‘WttD’, CD 2 - 13, Greensleeves County Dance Band - I Belong to Glasgow/ … /Two Lovely Black Eyes/ … ;  180 bpm: Foster & Allen - Oslo Waltz;  135 bpm: Nova - Golden Gate Waltz;  120 bpm: London Barndance Co. - Donna’s Waltz;  117 bpm: Bryan Sutton - Margaret’s Waltz.

Cornish Six Hand Reel

Watch at:

Form:  Three couples in a line across the room, all facing up.

A1:   Hold hands in lines of six and walk eight steps up,
two pairs of Balance & Kicks (jump, right foot to the left etc.),

A2:  Turn around (Cw.) to hold hands in line again for seven steps down,
two more pairs of Balance & Kicks.

 B:   Turning to face partner, skip/walk a reel of six people (start by passing your partner by the right shoulder, then the person heading towards you with your left, the next person with your right etc.).

C1:   Raised right hand turn and back with the left.

C2:   Two hand turn,

 D:   Everybody join hands with their partner in a promenade hold and face along the set (to the caller’s right).  The couple at the ‘top’ (caller’s right-hand end) cast left and head down the set, where they arch…  everyone following passes through,
swing when back to place.

Music:  32/64-bar reel.

Cotton-Eye Joe  (Circle mixer)

Watch at:

Sounds impressive on suspended, wooden floors.

Form:  Not a ‘line dance’.  Two, adjacent, concentric circles - all the men, in the inner circle, face Acw., their partners face Cw. in the outer circle.

Prep.:  Brace/link right palms (vertically, at chest height, palm-to-palm) with one’s partner.

A:     With the right foot, stomp, stomp, chassé right, i.e. ‘side-close-side’ - swapping hands whilst crossing in front of one’s partner.  (2 bars)

With the left foot, stomp, stomp, chassé left - swapping hands.  (2 bars)

Repeat.  (4 bars)

For the last 8 bars, either:

B:     Do-si-do one’s partner, swirly-slide to the left to right elbow-turn the next person (your new partner) once.  (8 bars)

or:  Right elbow-turn one’s previous partner once Cw.,
left elbow-turn one’s current partner ½ Ccw.,
Right elbow-turn the next person [your next partner] once around.

or:  Allemande right one’s partner,  (4 bars)
advance eight steps to partner the next-but-one person.  (4 bars)

Facing around the circle, brace right palms to restart.

Music:  16-bar, Bluegrass polka.  17s: Geslison & Groberg - Cotton-Eye Joe;  15s: Bruce Molsky, Rednex (14.5s) - C.-E. J.

Cumberland Square Eight

Watch at:

Form:  Square set.

Prep.:  Ensure opposite men have similar height/physique.

A1:   Heads (couples ‘1’ and ‘3’) galop across the set in a ballroom hold (men back-to-back)…  and return (women back-to-back).

A2:  Sides do the same.

B1:   Heads right hand star, left hand star.

B2:  Sides do the same.

C1:   Heads make a basket.  All four circle left.

C2:   Sides do the same.

D1:   All circle left for 16 steps.

D2:   Promenade back to place.

Repeat - but with ‘side’ couples leading.

Music:  64-bar reel/march/polka.  35s: Boden et al. - C. S. E.;  33s: Jim Macleod Band - My Love She's But a Lassie Yet/Rae Horrick’s Reel/…, Alisa Jones, Howard & Wall - Miller’s Reel;  32s: ‘WttD’, CD 2 - 17/18 Greensleeves Country Band - My Love She's But a Lassie Yet/Cock o' North, The Cheviot Ranters - My Love She's But a Lassie Yet/Caddam Woods/Rose Tree.

Danish Double Quadrille

Form:  Double Sicilian - two, side-by-side couples face two couples.

Difficulty:  2

A1:   All four couples, in their set, circle left for sixteen steps (twice as long as you’d expect).

A2:  Circle right for sixteen steps - back to place.

B1:   The outside two couples take inside hands, and lead between the others towards the middle of the big circle and back.  (4 + 4 bars)

B2:  The inside two couples likewise lead to the outside of the circle and back.

A3:   In fours:  Right and left thru'… (8 steps),  twice.  (4 + 4 bars)

A4:   In fours:  circle left eight steps and then right.

B3 & B4:   Each couple polka around their opposite couple two or three times, then go half-way round again to progress and form a new line ready to restart.  (16 bars)

Music:  64-bar fast reel or polka.  33s: ‘WttD’, CD 2, Greensleeves Country Dance Band - 03 D. D. Q. (Jolly Coppersmith), Cheviot Ranters - Danish Double Quadrille.

The Dashing White Sergeant

Form:  One big circle of sets each comprising three people facing three people eg. a man between two ladies or lady between two men.  (If there are more than two surplus ladies, one of them could replace one of the men in a two-man ‘threesome’.  The ousted man could then make an additional ‘threesome’ with two other surplus ladies.)

A1:   Join hands in a circle of six and circle round to the left for eight steps (4 bars) and then back to the right.  (8 bars)

A2:  The person in the middle of the threesome turns to the person on their right and sets to them, then, by the right hand (variation: both hands), turns them around Cw. once.  The other partner stands still.  (4)

A2:  Repeat with the other partner.  (4)

B1:  Dance a reel of three, passing right shoulder with 1st partner to start.  (Variation: cup r. elbows to half-turn 1st partner, then l. elbow with 2nd partner, then 1st partner, then 2nd partner.)

B2:  In lines of three, advance two skip-steps and retire…  alternative: forward, stomp, stomp, stomp… back, stomp, stomp, stomp.  (4)

B2:  One line (say ‘2’s) raise their hands in an arch, both lines dance forward, ‘1’s duck underneath - passing to the left of their opposites.  (4)

Dance-on to meet and repeat with the next, advancing threesome.

If the room's not wide enough for a large circle, the dance can be done in lines.  On alternate ‘goes’, a threesome will be left spare at each end…  they just turn around, as individuals, to face back to the set, miss the circling (1–8), then carry-on as normal.

Music:  32-bar reels.  32s:  The Jingbang Ceilidh Band - The Dashing White Sergeant/Kate Dalrymple/Barrowburn;  31s: Crowdie House or Shoestring - The D. W. S., The Chieftans - *Ladies Pantalettes (speeds-up from 34s to 30s per revolution).

Dorset Four Hand Reel

In the 21st century, tends to be performed more for ‘displays’ than socially.

Form:  cross-ways 2-couple set, ladies back-to-back in the middle facing out towards their partner  i.e. M-L l-m.

A1:   Hey (reel of four), all start by passing right shoulders with partner.  Finish after 1¾ circuits (10 places) with men in the middle (facing each other).  l-m M-L

A2:  Men ‘set’ to each other i.e. pas de basque (3 steps) - twice to each side.
Men turn to their partner and ‘set’ to her.

B1:   Hey again.  Finish with ladies back in the middle.  M-L l-m

B2:  Ladies ‘set’ to each other - twice to each side.
Ladies turn to their partner and ‘set’ to him.

Final 8 bars: swing partner.

So, first time through: walking reel, then walking reel with hands, (or: step-hop reel, then step-hop reel with hands), ranting reel (“heel” stepping), ranting reel with hands.  Reels end-up with ‘inners’ having swapped with the previous ‘outers’.

Music:  2 x 64 + 8 bars, AABB + 8 final swing; rant, ‘WttD’, CD 2 - 06 Dorset Four Hand Reel;  33s per 32 bars (sprightly!): Blowzabella - D. F. H. R. set.

Eightsome Reel

Formation:  Square, lady on the man’s right.  1st couple have their backs to the band.


1-8:   All join hands to circle round to the left for eight steps (4 bars) … and back.

9-12:  Ladies join right hands in the middle, partners join-in putting right hands around their partner’s waist, and all wheel in a big star.

13-16:  Couples Swing round (men-backing, still holding around the waist) so the men join left hands in the centre, and dance back with a left-hand star.

17-20:  Face partners and set twice.

21-24:  Turn (two, crossed hands) partner.

25-40:  Giving right hand to partner, dance a grand chain around the set, i.e. keep going in the same direction giving left hand, right, left…  until you get back to place.  If you get back early, swing until the end of the phrase.

Main Figure - performed eight times

1-8:  1st lady goes into the centre of the set and ‘set’s i.e. pas de bas (3 steps), while the other seven circle round to the left…  and back.

9-16:  1st lady sets to partner, turns him two-handed, sets to opposite man and turns him.

17-24:  1st lady dances a reel of three with partner and opposite man, starting with left shoulder to partner.  Variation: lady turns partner, opposite man, partner, opposite man.

25-32:  Repeat bars 1-8.

33-48:  Repeat bars 9-24, but with 2nd and 4th men - start the reel by passing left shoulder.  1st lady retires.
Repeat figure with, in the centre, 2nd lady, 3rd lady, 4th lady, 1st man, 2nd man, 3rd man, 4th man.

Final Chorus

Repeat the 40 bars at the start of the dance.

Music:  Lively reel, played 40 bars for the first time through, plus 8 lots of 48-bar repetitions (phrased 24+24), plus a final 40 bars (464 bars: 40 + 8x48 + 40).  The De’il Amang the Tailors is commonly used for the first and last 40 bars.
52s (for 48 bars): Jim McCloud Band - Eightsome Reel;  50s: Gordon Pattullo Band - Eightsome Reel.

Gay Gordons

Traditional, Scottish.

Form:  Couples are arranged in a circle facing Acw.

Prep.:  Man stands slightly behind lady with his right arm over her shoulders, lady holds man’s hand with her right, they hold left hands in front of the man’s right hip.

A1:   Couples walk forwards for three steps then, keeping hands held, swivel Cw. to face back.  Walk backwards for three steps… and close.

A2:  Walk forwards for three, swivel ½ Acw., walk backwards for three steps… and close.

B1:   The lady twirls Cw. under the man’s right arm as he slowly walks forward.

B2:  In ballroom hold, polka-step round.

Music:  march.  33s: The Glencastle Sound - Scotland the Brave/Kelvingrove; 32s: ‘WttD’ CD2 Greensleeves Country Band - Meeting of the Waters/… .

Goathland Square Eight

Form:  4-couple square set, rant step throughout except for A2 and swing.

Sing (during A1):
Old Mrs Wilson how d'you do?
Very well thank you - how about you?
Some folk laugh and some folk cry
But you’ll never do the dance if you never try

A1:   Holding hands, circle left,  (4 bars)
Circle right.  (4 bars)

A2:  ‘1’s and ‘3’s cross, ‘1’s dipping, ‘3’s arching,  (2 bars)
‘2’s and ‘4’s cross, ‘2’s dipping, ‘4’s arching,  (2 bars)
‘1’s and ‘3’s return, ‘1’s arch,  (2 bars)
‘2’s and ‘4’s return, ‘2’s arch.  (2 bars)

B1:   Grand chain (start with right hand to partner),  (4 bars)
halfway round - swing partner.  (4 bars)

B2:  Continue grand chain (passing partner, but offering one’s left hand to the next dancer),  (4 bars)
meet partner and swing.  (final 4 bars)

Repeat from start…

At the end of ‘WttD’, CD 1 - 03 G. S. E., there's an extra A1 for a final swing and an A2 for a promenade.

Music:  32-bar rant.  35s:‘WttD’, CD 1 - 03 - Orange and Blue - G. S. E.;  38s: Trinculo - Old Mrs Wilson.

The Heartbreaker

Author: Peter Coe

Watch us doing it at: - video by SHOCC organiser, Ian Nichols.

Form:  Four-couple square.

A1:   All holding hands, circle left for eight steps (ranting - if proficient),  (4 bars)
Circle right for eight steps (back to place).  (4 bars)

A2:  Three couples - not the Head couple - make a single-handed arch with their partner.
The Head couple ‘Split the Heart’:  they dance in to the middle of the set, then, as individuals, leave the set - each through their adjacent arch - round the outside to meet at the bottom, where they cross over, join hands, duck under that arch and cross the set back to place (turn with a California Twirl).  (8 bars)

B1:   Four-Ladies’ Chain:  ladies right hand star half-way round, peeling-off to meet the opposite man by the left hand.  The man then courtesy turns her (or, as a flourish, the lady first underarm twirls Cw. - ‘Swat the Flea’) - leading her back to…  (4)
…continue the Four-Ladies’ Chain, back to her partner - who courtesy-turns her (with a ‘Swat the Flea’ - if inclined) - gliding into…  (4)

B2:   …everyone do-si-do their corner, then do-si-do their partner.  (8)

Repeat:  Circling, then the next couple Acw. ‘Split the Heart’ etc.

To progress occasionally:  for the ‘returning’ Ladies’ Chain, call “Ladies continue circling to the third man round”.

Music:  32-bar jig/reel or Charleston.
Reel:  35s: Natalie MacMaster - *Stoney Lake Reels; 33s: *Banter - Corn Rigs/Seneca… .
Jig:  32s: Craig Duncan - *Drummond Castle/Lads of Dunse/The Stool of Repentance;  31s: Trio - *Snug in the Blanket/Drummond Castle/Stool of Repentance.
Charleston (Goodman/Steamchicken-style).  108 beats per minute (bpm) The Viscounts - Five foot Two… ; 120 bpm: Don Reno - Five Foot Two… , The Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra - Yes Sir, That's My Baby. Randy Spendlove - Happy Feet.  For a finalé: 126 bpm: Michael Holliday - *Swanee (from [0m38] 1m40 up to 2m43).

Hullichan’s (Hooligans) Jig

Form:  Sets of two couples crossways, ladies in the middle standing back-to-back facing their partners, i.e.  M-L l-m

Preparation:  Each set should have men of similar height and physique - as swinging can get rather enthusiastic - so needs care.  Practise a Pas-de-Basque step and ensure that all dancers are proficient at the turn/swing hold described below*.

1-8:   Everyone Pas-de-bas (P-d-b) their partner for 16 beats i.e. 8 bars

9-16:   Link right elbows and turn partner for 16 beats, but men finish facing each other in the centre of the set. -  L-M m-l

17-24:   Men P-d-b each other 16 beats, ladies admire.

25-32:   Men link elbows and swing each other for 16 beats, but finish facing their opposite lady. -  L-m M-l

33-40:   P-d-b new partner for 16 beats.

41-48:   Link elbows and swing new partner for 16 beats, but finish with ladies facing each other in the centre of the set. -  m-L l-M

49-56:   Ladies P-d-b to each other for 16 beats, men admire.

56-64:   Ladies link elbows and swing each other for 16 beats, but finish facing their original partners. -  m-l L-M

Repeat - as desired.

* The secure ‘back swing’ or ‘turning’ hold:  facing in opposite directions, partners link right elbows, both put their left hand behind their back (palm facing outwards – as is natural).  With their right hand, they grip their partner’s left hand  i.e. the one behind their partner’s back.

Music:  6/8 or 9/8 jig – but 64 bars in total.  33s: Dave Swarbrick - Hullichan’s Jig/!Chorus Jig (both are very short, Chorus is too fast);  62s: Gordon Pattullo’s Band - Hullighan’s Jig;  30s: The Jingbang Ceilidh Band - Hullichan’s/The Curlew/Skyeman’s/Troy’s …;  James Keane - *The Geese in the Bog.

Lucky Seven

Watch at:

Form:  circle mixer.  Avoid having multiples of six couples.
Prep: start in promenade hold (lady on the right, man’s arm over her shoulder) facing Acw. round the circle.

Difficulty:  1

A1:   All Circle left for 16 steps.
or:  Promenade for 14 steps - then undo the hold by raising both hands over the lady’s head and lady turns ¾ Cw..  8 bars

A2:   All holding hands in a circle, three steps in, kick, four steps out,  4 bars
Do-si-do partner.  4 bars

B1:   Grand chain:  all the men face anticlockwise (Acw.) round the circle, all the ladies face clockwise.  Take right hands, count “One” and pass partner, hold out left hand to the next person, count “Two” and go past, etc.  8 bars

B2:  Cross-hands swing the seventh person - your new partner.  (One person crosses their arms and the other takes their hands).  Swing clockwise for 8 bars.

When dancers are proficient, call “Now swing the eighth person”.

Music:  32-bar jig/reel, 33s: ‘WttD’, CD 2 - Greensleeves Country Dance Band - 11 Lucky Seven (The Happy Cavalier/Three Scamping Rogues);  34s reel: Sharon Shannon - *The Woodchoppers, *Bag of Cats or *Bonnie Mulligan, Gerry O’Connor - *Mountain Road/Ash Plant/Josie McDermott’s, La Famille Arsenault - *La Reel Mon Oncle Albert/Whiskey Before Breakfast;  33s: Kristin Scott Benson - The Woodchoppers Reel, Abrams Brothers - Nashville Skyline Rag, Arty McGlynn - Walter Sammon’s Grandmother/Concertina Reel/Brendan McMahon’s;  32s: Cheviot Ranters - Davy Knick-Knack/Toland Dance/Aiken Drum;  30s: Blazin’ Fiddles - *Thursday Night in the Caley;  31s reel: Rún - *Road to Lisdoonvarna, Ceilidh Minogue - King’s Reel/… Laoish/Janine’s … /… set, The Demon Barbers - *Kiss Me Quick My Mammy's … .

Margaret’s Waltz

composed by: Pat Shuldham-Shaw

Watch at:

Form:  Sicilian Circle – couple facing couple.

Note:  Use "folk step" (or “one-step waltz" step) throughout: one travelling step - leading with the right foot - followed by two steps virtually on-the-spot.  (Concentrate on the first step [turning shoulders] and let the other two just follow.)

A1:   Holding inside hands with partner, forward (two triple-steps) & back.
½ turn contrary Cw. by the right hand (& retire).  Repeat the ½ turn.  4 + 2 + 2 bars

A2:  ½ turn partner Ccw. by left hand.  Repeat.
Ladies chain across.  2 + 2 + 4 bars

B1:   With contrary adjacent, slide (chassé) diagonally right with the r. foot leading, followed by a triple-step diagonally right.
Repeat to the left (l. foot leading) - so that couples pass and then finish back-to-back; all turn to the right and right hand star back to original place.  8 bars

B2:  Do-si-do contrary, waltz-on with partner - passing to the right - to the next couple round.  8 bars

Music:  Own tune.

The Mouth of the Valleys

as written (and called) by Gordon Potts

Form:  Five or more couple Circassian circle (mixer) - everyone facing their partner (men face Acw.).

A1:   Men dance/walk a figure-of-eight:  Cw. around their partner then cross-over to go Acw. around their neighbour (the lady behind).  (8 bars)

A2:  Ladies dance/walk a figure-of-eight:  Cw. around their partner then Acw. around their neighbour (the man behind).  (8)

B1:   Men half-turn their partner Cw. by either a ‘short’ right arm, i.e. a forearm grip, or a ‘cupped’ elbow - but no thumbs, half-turn their neighbour Acw. by the left arm, and then half-turn their partner again by the r. arm.  (8)

B2:  Offering their left hand to their neighbour (& new partner), men then curl ½ Acw., placing their r. arm over their new partner’s shoulders - so everyone faces Acw. around the circle.
New couples promenade (‘Varsouvienne’-style) around the circle - roughly back to place (where ladies could twirl out ½ Cw.) & face one’s (new) partner in a re-formed circle.  (8)

Music:  32-bar, versatile.  (“Plenty of time for some creative twirling.”): 40s: Natalie MacMaster - Barndances;  38s: Celtic Fiddle Festival - *Loch Leven Castle/… /Goat Island … / … set, Lissa Schneckenburger - The Old Maid of Galway, Angelina Carberry - Pluckin’ Mad;  37s: Liz Carroll - both *Ricky’s White Face and Smokies in Arbroath;  36s: Gillian Boucher - Harem Scarem/Humours of Lissadell;  35s jig: Kathleen & Jim Fownes - The Old Favorite/The !Orphan;  35s: Countercurrent - Sunshower/Lindsay …;  34s: The Brock McGuire Band - *The Moving Cloud, Caladh Nua - *By Heck, Nathan Gourley - *Heights of Muingbhatha, Katie Grennan - Reels - Traditional, Whapweasel - JWJ;  33s: Solas - *Sproggies, The Gothard Sisters - Celebration Reel, Tune Makers or Shaskeen Céilí Band - *Bucks of Oranmore, Brendan Block - *Flight of the Penguins/Fleur de Mandragore (4s pause at 1m52), Monster Ceilidh Band - *Reasoning;  32s: Airdance - *Fred Bartell/Jigjazz, Kevin Griffin - *Green Mountain/… Westport/… Oranmore, Lissa Schneckenburger - Melissa without the "Me"/Eric’s Birthday, Wake Up Robin - *Rainy Night.

Panshanger Sicilian Circle

by Barry Goodman

Form:  Sicilian Circle.

In circles of four, holding hands.  Cw.-facing couples are ‘1’s.

A1:   Circle left eight quick-ish steps,
Still holding hands, circle right.

A2:  Do-si-do partner,
Do-si-do opposite.

B1:   Ladies’ chain,

B2:  ‘1’s arch and ‘2’s duck under,
‘2’s arch and ‘1’s back under,
‘1’s arch and ‘2’s duck under to progress-on to the next couple.

Music:  32-bar jig or polka.  32s jig: Tiger Moth - Oats and Beans and Barley Grow, Alban Fuam - The Wishing Well/Apples in Winter/… set; 
Polka 38s: Lissa Schneckenburger - Jamie Allen;  35s: Cheviot Ranters - Call of the Pipes/Barren Rocks of Aden/… ;  32s: Art Stamper - Barndance Polka, Ronan Hardiman - *Irish Polka;  31s: Sláinte - Britches full of Stitches/Munster Bank/Bill Sullivan’s set.

Pat-a-Cake Polka

Form:  (Mixer) Couples in a circle: the men face Acw., ladies face Cw. - or, if space is limited, two concentric circles - ladies on the outside facing in, men facing out.  Mixer.

A:    With both arms out-stretched to the side, hold hands with partner.

‘Heel-toe’:  ‘Heel’ into the circle (or, depending on space, Acw. around the circle) ‘toe’ - heel adjacent to the ball of the outer foot, …  twice;  4 beats, 2 bars

Four slides (eight steps to man’s left) either into the circle or Acw. round the circle,  2 bars

With outside foot, ‘heel-toe’ twice towards the outside (or Cw.),  2 bars

Slide four steps - back to place.  2 bars

B:    Clap right hands with partner three times (fast-ish), clap left hands with partner three times,  2 bars

Clap both partner’s hands three times, clap own thighs/knees three times.  2 bars

Either:  polka around with the same partner.  4 bars
or progress:  Right elbow turn once…  continue-on, passing to left of partner (men go Acw.) to the next person round.  2 + 2 bars

Optional addition to B:  Change Places - cross to the left of partner while also half-turning Acw. (so pass back-to-back - using about five steps), then march on-the-spot - hands on hips.  4 bars.
Repeat to return to place.

Music:  16-bar polka at c. 110bpm.  21s: Nightingale - Newmarket …/… Dingle; 19s: Lissa Schneck - Jamie Allen; 17s: ‘WttD’, CD 1 - 19, The Blue Mountain Band - Nick Nack Paddywack/Little Brown Jug/Polly Wolly Doodle/So-so Polka.

La Russe Quadrille

Watch at:

Form:  square.

A1:   All pass their partner by the left shoulder i.e. men pass outside the ladies, to meet the next person of the opposite gender - who should be coming towards them, balance (‘set’ to the right, then left)  (4 bars)…  & swing.  (4 bars)

A2:  Return back to place with a Cw. twirl - passing to the left of partner.  (2 bars)
Face partner, Balance & Kick  (2 bars)…  & swing.  (4 bars)

B1:   The leading couple (‘1’s) keep swinging, others drop-back to place.

B2:  ‘1’s promenade inside the set, successively greeting (nodding/bowing) ‘2’s, ‘3’s and ‘4’s, ending back in place.

A3:   Head couples cross - say, ‘1’s, dip, ‘3’s arch.  (At the far side, couples could ‘California Twirl’ to change place and direction.)  (If everyone's nifty, ‘2’s and ‘4’s could follow immediately.)

A4:   Repeat A3 i.e. the ‘dip and arch’ to cross back (‘1’s arching).

B3:   All join hands, circle left all the way (eight triple-steps - lead on the right foot).

B4:   Promenade (anticlockwise) back to place.  Linger holding left hands to half-turn the lady ready for her to advance for the ‘balance’ with the adjacent man.

Repeat for ‘2’s, ‘3’s, and ‘4’s.  Finally both heads (‘1’s & ‘3’s) dance B1, B2 and A3 at the same time (‘1’s cross first again)… ,  then both ‘side’ couples do B1, B2 and A3 together.

Music:  64-bar polka.
32-bar: 36s: Diatonics (EFDSS) - Come Dance and Sing/One for Phil;  35s: Cheviot Ranters - Call of the Pipes/Barren Rocks of Aden/… set;  34s: Tiger Moth - Larousse;  32s: Cheviot Ranters - Original/Good Humour/Come Let Us Dance and Sing, Greensleeves Country Dance Band ‘WTTD’, CD 2 - 15 - Original/Jane’s Fancy/I'll Gang Nae Mair… .


by Ron Coxall (Goodman variations)

Form:  Longways, proper, or double circle (men inside).  Hands four, ‘1’s are facing down or Cw.  Double progression.

A1:   Star r., star l.,  (8)

A2:  Balance & swing partner.  (8)

B1:   Ladies dance between the men and cast back to place; repeat with men dancing between the ladies.

Alternative B1:   1st corner do-si-do, 2nd corner do-si-do.  (8)

Alternative B1:  First corner cross, second corner cross, circle left halfway.

B2:  Face neighbours, holding inside hand with partner, forward and back,  (4)
‘1’s arch, ‘2’s dive under.  Continuing round, ‘2’s arch over subsequent diving ‘1’s.  (4)

End couples turn to join-in immediately.

Music:  32-bar jig.  34s: Celtic Fiddle Festival - Stan Chapman’s/… Daley’s;  33s: Countercurrent - *The Legacy/Tumbledown/… .

Suicide Square

Watch at: (a relatively relaxed execution.)

Form:  A ‘squared’ circle.  Mixer.

A1:   Everyone in ballroom hold - the head ends of the room galop eight steps across the room and back.  (8 bars)

A2:  Sides do the same.  (8)

B1:   Two-handed Balance & Kick twice,  (4)
Swing your partner.  (4)

B2:  Men form an inner circle facing out, women form an outer circle facing in, all circle to the left.  (6)
Face a new partner and take ballroom hold.  (2)  ‘Lost’ dancers raise their hand.

Music:  32-bar double-jig (for the galop).  33s: Jim Macleod - Rory O'More/The Lynmore Jig/… ;  32s: Celtic Fiddle Festival - *Maureen’s Fancy/The Ceili Jig/The Swinging Jig, Dave Swarbrick - The Swallow’s Tail/Rakes Of Kildare/Blackthorn Stick, Altan - The Gap of Dreams/Nias …/… set, Olive Hurley - Shandon Bells/Nova Scotia/Cherish The Lady;  31s: Floating Crowbar - The Doberman’s Wallet/The Mouse…/Orphan/McHugh’s/Stan Chapman’s, The Climax Ceilidh Band - *Spike !with a 19s 'swing’ at 3m00, The Scottish Fiddle Orch. - Jakes Jig/Well for Water, John Whelan - *Humours Of Glendart/Leitrim Fancy/Paddy In London;  30s: FullSet - The Lost & Found, John Whelan - Francis O'Neill’s/… /…;  29s (so slow by c. 10%): Beòlach - Annie’s New Heart, Whapweasel - *Badunga;  28s: Brendan Block - *Turn 3/Dawning… /Groton…, Blazin' Fiddles - Double Rise.

Sybil’s Roundabout

Watch at: and:

Form:  Couples in a large circle - men on their partner’s left.  All hold hands, facing in.  Mixer.  Can also, with minor modification, be performed as a Contra.

A1:   Walk four steps in to the center of the circle, and retire (four steps back-out),
walk four steps in again, then the lady retires, the man takes two steps forward and half-turns to face her.

A2:  Do-si-do partner,  (4 bars)
Chassé left twice (or, for enthusiastic participants, four galop steps i.e. a ‘Side-close’ per beat - for four beats),  (2)
Chassé right twice or four galops; (2)  end with your partner diagonally to your left.

B1:   Taking left hands with your partner and right hands with the person diagonally to your right (to form a wavy line), F. & B. Balance (four beats: pull/step forward, tap/kick…  lean/step back, tap),  (2 bars)
Allemande left your partner to swap places,  (2 bars)
F. & B. Balance the new line,  (2)
Allemande right your new partner to change places.  (2)

B2:  Allemande left your third partner ¾-turn to return to your second partner,
Crossed-hands swing (or buzz step) your second partner.
Fall-back into a circle to repeat.

Music:  32-bar jig.  35s: Sláinte - Celtic Jig/Leitrim Fancy;  34s: The Good Tune - *Maids Of Selma/Lisnagun Jig;  32s: Kevin Burke & Cal Scott - *The Green Fields of Woodford/Seanamhac … (or 114 bpm Charleston: Randy Spendlove/Piccadilly Dance Orchestra - Happy Feet).

The Wizard’s Walk

By Ruth Ungar

Watch at:

Form:  If enough people: a Sicilian circle - i.e. a large circle comprising couple-facing-couple… otherwise a longways line (1’s improper)

Preparation:  Hands four from the top, ‘1’s are improper.  Couples facing Cw. (or down) are ‘1’s, ‘2’s face Acw. (or up).

A1:   In circles of four holding hands, circle left half-way  (4 steps/beats),
balance the ring:  raise hands to chest height and, while pulling together, step forward into the circle with a ‘stomp’, with the other foot, forward and ‘stomp’, release and back-step out on that foot, ‘stomp’ with the other foot.  (4 beats).
Repeat the circle left to get back to place…  and balance.

A2:  In fours - starting with neighbour - grand chain r. hand first (men go Cw.) four places, i.e. chain right round, then smoothly gypsy Cw. (by right shoulders) 1¼ times round your neighbour - progressing-on to a new neighbour.

B1:   In circles of four, holding hands, balance the ring and swing partner (in a ballroom hold).  Finish with ‘1’s facing Cw. and ‘2’s facing Acw. - men on their partner’s left.  If reached an end, swap designation, turn back and wait-out a turn.

B2:  Wizard’s Walk (a bit like a ‘reel of three’ - but where, throughout the ‘Walk’, participants generally keep facing in one direction around the large circle):  everyone walks forward, ‘1’s separate outside the ‘2’s (twirling outwards - if there's enough space), who'll be moving forward, together and up towards them, meet (with an optional inward twirl) and continue down to split the next ‘2’s (who'll be moving apart and up).  ‘1’s separate (with a twirl again - if desired) and back up outside those ‘2’s (who'll also be backing), meet and back-up between the ‘2’s (whom they met at ‘B1’), with whom they re-form a two-couple circle, to restart the dance.

Music:  32-bar.  Own tune: Wizard’s Walk by Jay Ungar.  Folk Godalkanje - W. W. after 32s & 1m05 (unstructured after 1m38), Snowflake? (also Craig Duncan);  Celtic Spring - W. W.

Wring Out the Dishrag/Dishcloth / Dive for the Oyster

Watch at:

Form:  ‘Scatter’ version: two-couple (improper) sets - for ‘as many as will’…  or, for ten couples or more, a Sicilian circle.

Difficulty:  3

A1:   In fours (two-couples) holding hands, circle to the left eight steps…  (4 bars)
Swap to a star left (grip right wrists at waist height).  (4)

A2:  Star right eight steps,  (4)
Circle right eight steps.  (4)

B1:   Still holding hands, ‘2’s (couples facing anti-clockwise) make an arch and ‘1’s pass under it, turn away from each other, raise (and twist) their still joined hands over their own heads.

Either:  both couples (now facing into the minor set again) lower their crossed-hands in front of themselves - making a ‘four-leaf clover’.  Admire! …  (4 bars)
…the ‘1’s, now facing Acw., turn towards each other - without releasing hands - and raise an arch, ‘2’s pass under it and turn away from each other to unwind i.e. ‘wring out the dishrag’.  (4 bars)

or:  ‘2’s duck under the ‘1’s raised, joined hands and turn outwards to unwind. …  (4)
…then reverse the figure: ‘2’s duck back under the ‘1’s raised joined hands and turn out… and ‘1’s duck under the ‘2’s joined, raised hands.  (4 bars)  Both couples, facing into the minor set, lower their crossed-hands in front of themselves - making a ‘four-leaf clover’.  Admire!  (4)

B2:  For the Sicilian Circle form:  take four steps forward, four steps back,  (4)  ‘2’s arch for ‘1’s to pass under and move-on Cw.;  (4)

or, for ‘scatter’ version:  polka-off to find a new couple (so, need to re-designate ‘1’ & ‘2’).

Music:  32-bar polka.  16 bars in 21s: Nightingale - Newmarket Polka/Trip to Dingle;  35s: Brian Roe - Sean Ryan’s Polka;  34s: Craig Duncan - Grandfather/Clarinet Polka set {Grandparents Polka};  32s: Art Stamper - Barndance Polka.

Zig Zag

Form:  Sicilian Circle - couple-facing-couple.  For ten couples or more.

A1:   Men cross the set diagonally by pulling l. h. thru' with the opposite man, then they rotate ¼ left (c. 90º) and cross diagonally - pulling r. h. thru' - to the next minor set.  (4)  All the men have now zig-zagged to their adjacent set.
New sets l. hand star.  (4)

A2:  Ladies follow their men - but they use their r. h. to cross with the opposite lady, followed by l. h. pull-through to the next set.  (4 bars)
All r. h. star in new sets.  (4 bars)

B1:   Ladies chain across.  (4 bars)
…and back again.  (4 bars)

B2:  Allemande left your ‘opposite’, dance a two-couple, Grand Chain (starting with right to your partner, pass four hands) back to place.  (6 bars)
When back to place, swing your partner.

Music:  32-bar jig or reel.

Jig:  34s: Celtic Fiddle Festival - Old Apples in Winter/Knocknagow Jig

Reel:  40s-34s: Natalie MacMaster - The Golden Eagle;  37s: The String Sisters - *The Crow’s Visit;  36s: The Fretless - *Macleod’s Farewell/Palmers 34s: Fiddlestyles - MacArthur Road/…; → 33s: Airdance - MacArthur Road/… ; Tidal Wave - **Reel a Bruce/De Terrebonne/Du Nord set;  32s: Monster Ceilidh - Parmogeddon