Welcome to this collection of memorabilia from St. Brendan's Primary School (Independent), Stanmore, UK.

For past pupils this site is a 'nostalgic refuge' from the tribulations confronting us as we contemplate our impending dotage.


"How good it would be to have an old boys'/girls' St Brendan's!" writes Cate Horne ('44-'50).

How about some of us braver souls risking a get-together in, say, summer 2014.  It could all be a bit surreal   'Contact me' and I'll forward your mail to Cate.


This site is not password-protected - so internet search 'crawlers' are able to catalogue its content.  If your name appears on this site, it's probable that it can be found by a web-search.  If you consider this to be a damnable outrage, please 'Contact me'.

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