From Jeff Lewis (in January 2005):

Regarding the 1962 long photo:  It was only in B/W.  Picture is about 4 feet long x 1ft high as far as I can remember - I haven't got an original.  Not framed, most people have them rolled up.

Two long pictures were taken Upper & Lower schools.

A Downer chum in USA scanned it in 4 pieces in best quality bitmap 17.5Mb, emailed to me in UK, I stitched it together, and added the numbers, & trimmed to full print area.  To put it on Downer website I cropped out some sky & foreground, I may have made it smaller, & reduced jpeg compression to 67% which I find is still good quality but much smaller jpeg file size.  I then listed the names I knew, & friends knew at a reunion, then posted on MSN wesite where from time to time people take the trouble to email me new names.

No copy I know had the names on back, it wasn't provided with the original by the school.

I wonder how you amassed all that current data? - I asked people & then wrote it down before I forgot !


From Lennie Bradshaw (in January 2005):

The list of names (which you will see is not complete) was compiled from several sources.

Firstly I remembered most of the names for my year (5th form at the time, 1st Row, pos 13). Those that I did not have were largely supplied by Carol Coleman (previously Carol Rogers, 5th Row pos 33).

The names for the lower sixth were largely supplied by my brother Tony (1st Row, pos 19).

The names for the 4th form were largely supplied by Dave Wills (2nd Row, pos 2).

The names for the upper sixth were compiled between us, with Carol knowing many of them. The list of those missing from the picture was again compiled from memory, with Carol and myself supplying most of the details, and hence most of the detail is from our year.

This list is by no means exhaustive.