Extracts from Andrew Forester's reports while at DGS


One thing I would like is to see how many people have their report cards and determine who got the most detentions and worst reports.  I was always in trouble up to my nipples and I scored 13 "dets" in one term [and 11 in another!] --- maybe a record.  I was also caned a lot but for some reason Woosley did not put canings on the report card... only detentions.  I'd love to see other report cards... bad ones that is!

Andrew J. Forester BSc PhD, December 2010, Ontario

Feb. 1956  Phys. Ed. He shows verbal ability but nothing else in this subject. McGillivrayGeneral ... but there have been too many lapses in his behaviour. D.J.Carpenter.  Detentions 4.

Feb. 1957  General He is becoming very noisy and uncontrolled an attitude which is beginning to have adverse effects on his work... A.E.Grant  Detentions 5.

Jul. 1957  General ... his conduct is not much improved.  He behaves only when watched. A.E.Grant  Detentions 5.

Feb. 1958  English He must have ability to achieve this fair result after doing no work and consistently wasting time. V.M.Fox  French Very weak indeed, due to indifference. H.S.Jones  Math Thoroughly lazy. G.H.Knight  Detentions 13.

Jul. 1958  English No improvement in his results and there is not likely to be .... V.M.Fox  Detentions 7.

Feb. 1959  French I have yet to see him try. St.J.Partridge  Comment by Headmaster  I do not want to see remarks like this in July. D.Woosley  General ...: to gain only 7% after three and a half year's work is ridiculous. A.J.Tayler  Detentions 4.

Jul. 1959  French I have no reason to revise the opinion I held last term. St.J.Partridge Physics. ...lack of effort, unsatisfactory. W.Howells  Detentions 8.

Feb. 1960  French He will not work. [19/19 in class!] St.J.Partridge  General ... His attitude leaves a good deal to be desired and I should have hoped that he would learnt to discipline himself by now and accept the discipline of others. A.J.Tayler  Comment by Headmaster His attitude must improve. D.Woosley  Detentions 11.

Jul. 1960  Geog He left it too late!  Little real effort. A.Stuart  Detentions 2.


What's Andrew doing today?

Andrew had been living in Ontario since 1973, but recently he'd been suffering a protracted period of ill-health.  It eventually claimed him in June 2011.

An item from Andrew - drafted early 2011:

We have a 3000 sq ft cedar home [91 feet long inside] on 53 acres--mostly second growth boreal forest with some low bush cranberry bog, a large pond and several small beaver ponds.  Lots of wolves and bears also deer and moose.  10 mins away a small 900 sq ft place on 2 acres on a very nice lake.  Only about 2 acres at the house need mowing but its rolling pre-Cambrian shield rock [remember yer O-Level Geog?] so you have to go carefully to avoid expensive repairs to the mower.

That's a Remington pump action 12 gauge [=bore] Model 870 with a camo' stock and short barrell I'm holding on the riding mower.  Cheap [-sh], popular and very reliable piece of kit.  You don't usually have to shoot anybody with one... the sound of the slide being racked in a pump action and a 12 ga buckshot being chambered usually gets the pucker factor working for anybody who might break into the house.  Works well on deer, wild turkey as well.  But unlike Arizona, we are very law abiding gun owners here and I don't recall ever shooting anybody who did not really deserve it.

(Shotguns differ from [most] firearms in that their principal designation is not a diameter such as a bore or calibre [these are not synonymous] but a gauge - although to complicate matters the British use the term "bore" whereas most of the world uses gauge.  So what is it?  You have to go back to the way lead bullets were made in the past.  A quantity of molten lead was poured through a large sieve at the top of a shot tower.  The gobs of lead assumed a spherical form as they fell and then landed in a cooling pond of water.  So a 12 ga. or bore gun would have a hole down the barrel that was the diameter of a sphere of 1/12 pound of lead or about 1.25 ounces.  A 20 ga/bore has, of course, a smaller dia. barrel as this is determined by the diameter of 1/20 pound of lead.  The lightest shotgun is a "four-ten" which is a calibre not a bore and the barrell diameter is 0.410 inches [it's almost exactly 0.45 inches and you can often fire 410 shot shells in a 45 cal. Colt revolver and vice versa].  Shotguns mostly fire "shot" ie. a package of small pellets of varying sizes of which 00 buckshot is the largest and is used against mid-size large game like deer or jerks who climb through the basement window in the middle of the night.  But you can also fire a "slug" or single projectile which is a large 1.25 oz lead bullet.  These are devastating but short range things.)

The lads I hunt with are all into hemi-head gasoline or Cummins diesel Dodge trucks and tractor pulls.  I mostly drive a Toyota RAV4 but keep up my 'street cred' with a '96 GMC Sierra 4x4 half ton... with lots of pro huntin' & gun stickers.  Sadly they outlawed gun racks a while back so I can't hang my Remington pump 870 and a lever gun in the back window.  Sometimes I just throw an old sofa in the back and drive around with friends shootin' out windows, street signs and mail boxes... Cain't beat that for a bit of summer entertainment on a quiet Sunday ... [maybe "'Jographyassholes" was right, "give a hooligan a PhD and he's still a hooligan" ...].

If, like Andrew, life has been a bit different from that in Harrow - tell us all about it.