This Girls' School (and Boys' - pre-mid-'50s) crest once adorned Geraldine Charles's blazer.
This pristine Boys' School crest (post-mid-'50s), still on its original, brown-paper backing, was unearthed by Tony Louki (1970-75) while clearing his mum's loft.


Welcome to this collection of memorabilia from Chandos Secondary School, Stanmore, UK.

For past pupils this site is a 'nostalgic refuge' from the tribulations confronting us as we contemplate our impending dotage.  But remember, you may be able to re-capture a flavour of the ‘olden days’ at the occasional reunions (but not at Thistlecroft Gardens).

"Hello Chandos"

"Allan Cox are you still there?  Having got to the age of 75 in May, tonight, I got home from the pub feeling in good spirits.  I felt, If I don’t get in touch soon, we would all be dead.  2 or 3 years ago, I was doodling on the computer, and I looked on the Chandos website, and thought, one of these days I will get in touch.  I remember seeing that Allan Cox was prominent.  If you are still there, hello Allan.  I seem to remember Fred White was mentioned - Hello Fred.  Anyone else from that year, I would love to hear from you.  I still have fond memories.  Will be pleased to hear from you.
Best wishes"

Received from David Lucas (born '42), October 2017.


Any current information about Robert Parker who in the '40s used to live at "Aldbury", 4 Stanmore Hill, Stanmore Middlesex.  Attended Chandos School 1947-1949.  Left to go to Willesden Technical College (Building section).  Robert was a member of 4th Harrow Weald Scouts.  He was a very keen cyclist - touring England and Wales (covering 1,500 miles in a month) at age 14.

His father owned ST Parker, Builders, Plumbers etc. of Stanmore Hill.  Any information please to: Peter B R Ault (use 'Contact me').


Marjorie Browne (now named Yve Hulkes) mails:
"I started at Chandos in September '60 and I would have left in '64.  They were the best years of my life with such fond memories of Miss Fleming, PE, and great respect for our Head Mistress.

"I was 'Games Captain' for my last years at Chandos.  I had a mop of most unruly hair that got me into trouble with our Head on many occasions, might add that my hair is dead straight now.  I didn't stay to sixth form but wish I had.  I went on to Cassio College, Watford.  I worked in London for Encyclopedia Britannica, research department and then became an Air Stewardess for BOAC and traveled all over the world.

"I would dearly love to catch up with any that attended during the years I was there - in particular I remember Sonja Noble." 


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