Photo Album

Photo Description and Hyperlink ('click' on the underlined, coloured text) Contributor
A classroom scene c. 1950.  The sliver of staff member hints at a spectacle-wearing female. internet - Crown copyright, unattributed.
A cookery class c. 1952.  Were the aprons made in 'Needlework'? internet - unattributed
A pottery class c. 1953.  Possibly Mr Griggs? internet - unattributed
The Walkway c. 1953. John Sadovy - RIBA
The interior of the new Hall c.1953.  A larger image John Sadovy - RIBA
The Great Hall c. 1953 John Sadovy - RIBA
The "Cedars" in Uxbridge Road, home of the Blackwell family until the 1940's.  

Class Photos

'Commercial' Course class c. 1951 Chris Harrington
'Commercial' Group Class photograph c. 1951 Chris Harrington
1957 & 1958 - See under Documents Keith Salmon

Team Photos

'51/'52 Blackwell/Downer Soccer Team
Back row: Michael Sparkes, Rodney Crowe, ?, Gerald Houlahan (sic. - possibly Gerard Olohan), Ronald Green, Peter Hammond, James Room*, Robert Eaton, Mr Woolrich. Front row: David Horler*, ? Hammicks, Dennis Bloxham, David Davies, ? Brookes, Alan Wilkinson.
* - Downer Grammar School pupils who, during 1951 - while their school was being built, shared the Blackwell school site.

Montreux trip c. 1951

Photo Directory Chris Harrington.

Site Images - 2010

The Spine corridor C.P.
A classroom block C.P.
The staff car park C.P.
The Great Hall now features a carbuncle C.P.
A view from Headstone Lane C.P.
The chimney C.P.
The parade ground C.P.