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Welcome to this collection of memorabilia from Blackwell County Secondary School, Hatch End, UK.

A number of past-pupils have contributed their memorabilia of half-a-century ago - allowing us to wallow in some teenage nostalgia.

More Images from the 1955 Photo-Shoot

Name that…   staff member.   Shirley Cripps ('50-'55) has retained and forwarded this evocative photograph of 43 members of staff who were in-post in summer '55.  She's also kept their autographs.  Now, your homework assignment is simply to match the names to the faces. Observations

Shirley's also kept this photo of her class-mates in '55… together with their autographs .

Yvonne mails (February 2018):

"I found this site by accident but took a look at the list of staff and found I had forgotten so many of my old teachers.  I've two friends, Carol and Jo Chalker, sisters, Carol and I were in the same year, Jo was a year below - I'm going to ask if they remember them." - Yvonne Larkins, '63-'68.

Knock it Down and Start Again

Keith Salmon noticed these plans to rebuild the school.


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