Lanie's Heating-Oil Purchasing Group

Updated November ’13


How the Purchasing Scheme Works

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Historical Oil Prices

Communicating with members

The organiser sends out a newsletter once a month by e-mail.  Information is also given out at community events and local markets.  Lanie charges a membership fee of £10 per year to cover her administration costs.

Minimum order and payment methods

Customers have to commit to a minimum order of 500 litres.

Payment is made directly to the oil company.  Only one supplier insists on immediate payment, most companies usually allow customers to pay for their order within 10 days.

How suppliers are chosen

Lanie regularly contacts several* oil-distribution companies and decides, based on the cheapest price and a guaranteed delivery date, with which one to place an order.  She orders approximately 80,000 litres per month, (though this amount doubles at Christmas) and calculated that last year she ordered more than a million litres of oil.  In the first six years of the oil club’s operation, the price of heating oil doubled.  In 2005, the price was 23p per litre and Christmas 2012 the price was over 60p per litre.  In December 2010, one customer was so concerned about the bad weather, that she ordered her oil independently of the club…  but was charged 95p a litre.

Joining Lanie's scheme

Lanie Allen in Hamstead Marshall can be contacted on 658168.


* - Butler, Ford, Pinnock, Sweet…